Saturday, March 7, 2015

A New Passion, A New Vision…

I'm so glad I've found you.

I've been hiking.
Up hill.
Down hill.

Across streams.
Along rivers.

Haven't hiked a mountain yet…
but that is soon to come.

It makes me happy.
It makes me feel alive.

It reminds me of who I am.
It reminds me of where I want to go.

Clarity of mind.
Recovery of soul.


The Idaho Beauty said...

A long time passion of mine too, although I never did the extreme stuff. Just hiking up behind my house when I was a kid, and hiking with my dad on fishing trips. Nothing better in my book than to hike to a high spot with a scenic view. I haven't been able to manage much hiking the last couple of years do to some health issues and it is driving me crazy. Hoping this summer will be different. I miss being out in the woods like that. Clarity of mind, recovery of soul. You've got that right!

Nancy said... too! Nothing super tough, but we try to get out each weekend, if possible. I just posted and thought to myself how most of my recent posts have been hiking out in nature. I love sharing the views with everyone! And I equally love seeing the views of others! BTW~ Love your hiking shoes. I'm wearing my regular tennies, but someday :) Lastly, with all I read and learn about getting children outside (I'm a teacher), I think folks don't realize it is just as important for adults! Have a good week.

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