Monday, July 28, 2008

How About a Piece of......

Eye Candy...
Go ahead, take one! But don't eat it...

Here's a sample of just a "fraction" of handmade buttons and journal quilt embellishments to come off the Saturday assembly line. Formed from sculpy, baked in a convection oven, and then painted with acrylics, Lumiere
and Pearl X Powders, -- these little tasties still need a coat of spray varnish but then they'll be ready for attachment to future projects. Batch two contains fish, sunflowers, houses, kitties and other silly things to attach to cards, postcards, journals, padfolios and even tote bags.

Sabrina made a cute little tote bag and added some to her tote bag honoring "her" boys the Jonas Brothers and Tokio Hotel (her two favorite groups. Don't worry moms, if you haven't heard of Tokio Hotel yet -- you WILL!)

It was fun experimenting with this stuff as I am constantly searching for the "perfect" something to add to projects and can never find it. Now -- I can make whatever I want. A while back when I made the squirrel, I could not find acorns of appropriate scale -- no problems with this any longer.

The purpose of this experimentation was to come up with some things to feature on a few journal quilts and little art quilts I have coming due to send off. I think we may be on to something here. But you know what I hate -- Sabrina's turned out better than mine. She just whips stuff out (like this little tote that her girlfriends are going nuts over) This little fashion "must have" took her about 1/2 hour (including the handle) to make. My stuff takes FOREVER..... Sometimes I "think" too hard about things (or so I'm told!)

NOTE TO SELF: In the future - Don't think "too hard".
Enjoy the night. I'm going to say good bye -- as I feel the need to "ponder." xo


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

WAY cool! How fun to make your own custom buttons- and Sabrina's tote is awesome. You two are a tower of creativity!

Vicki W said...

Cool buttons!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

how awesome is all that?!? nice batch-o-buttons ... hmmm ... I have some sculpy right over there!

please tell Sabrina that I think her tote totally rocks! :)

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