Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Bye To YOU!!!

(nasty BUG!) Feeling much better. Thanks for all the e-mails and comments. Can't wait to get into the studio this weekend (after catching up on some work and chores!)

Look for lots of progress this weekend on applique block and CQR block pursuant to Jude's challenge over at "What if." Also I think I'm going to post the picture of my final "art slice quilt" slice for Margaret's picture as I am putting the finishing touches on that tonight.

I think I can put all this stuff away.

Enjoy the long weekend. To my friends over on the coast - take much care in the next few days. My dad has headed over to Beau Rivage until Monday -- Daddy - you be safe.



3rdEyeMuse said...


jeanne herself said...

pepto - tylenol - unidentified otc = quite the real life crazy! glad you're feeling better.

Katie said...

Glad you're feeling better! :-)

Cestandrea said...

Oh what a bug, I so hope now you are really better, I bet you caught this bug to let you forget that you were homesick? :)
I don't know what fall is like in Ohio, but I know that at this time of the year some sweet nostalgia hits a lot of people, me for one.
Thanks so much for having left a comment lately on my orphelinned blog (I invented this word right now:) this was soooo sweet. I'm happy to be back in blogland with all my friends there to share creativity and love every day:)
I send you the biggest hug you got this summer! (And give a little slice of it to Ms Sabrina de Bleu and those two cute dogs:)

Wurzerl said...

Dear Cathie,
I read a lot in your blog. I had a long sad time but I hope to come back now in real life. So I hope you' re really feeling better!!!
Send you hugs and love Wurzerl

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

oh BUGger! I seemed to have caught my own nasty lil cold (thanks to Mr. Cougher who consistently hacked away while I stoopidly looked out the flight window in his line of fire),

but nonetheless I still DREAM of my boot-scootin-boogy-days,

I ran, no RANNNNN right over here when I read your concern for me... no Gustav HERE, thank God.... but I do count the 1. Mississippi, 2. Mississippi cars that followed me in from the airport... I wonder just how many folks fleed the storm to make their way into Madison,AL for a calm retreat?

We need rain. Maybe I'll slide my boots back on and do a lil rain dance outside in the dry grass...

xo, Monica :)

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