Monday, August 25, 2008

Purple Quilt is Done - on to other things....

It seems every year about this time I start to get homesick. I don't know if it's the anticipation of Fall (my favorite season and Fall in Ohio is so special) or what. But I get really, really homesick and start thinking about making plans to go "home." Or, maybe it's because my dad is going back "home" in a few weeks. Whatever it is -- I'm feeling a strong need to return to my roots. Sigh.
It's been a while since I've posted anything of substance. I've been doing a little bit of this, a little bit of that - pretty much until I finished the "purple quilt." Well - it's done. I spent most of Friday evening quilting it on the frame. It didn't come out nearly as well as I would have liked - but I know it's going to take practice for me to get the hang of quilting on the Gracie. I sewed on the binding yesterday, washed it and wrapped it up with a few little surprise to cuddle with (a stuffed puppy), to color with (markers and paper) and to eat (skittles and gummie savers.) My dad is picking them up in a week or so and will be driving them up to Cleveland for special a very special little girl. I do hope she likes it. It was made with love.
And now - it's on to other things - finally!
With the fractured quilts being wrapped up this month with the delivery of Margaret's pieces -- BIG blocks are on the horizon. "What are big blocks?" Big blocks are - quilt blocks made 20" or larger. I've decided to participate in two of our guild's (Capitol Quilter's Guild - of which Sabrina and I are both members) Cyberbee big block groups --- the applique group and the pieced group.

Each group has between 4 and 6 members. Each member selects a pattern and provides the instructions, templates, color scheme (if desired) and size (at least 20" blocks - one gal's block is 30"!) to each member of the group. Each member then makes one block out of the selected pattern. In the end -- we each will have four to six blocks to do with what we choose.

For my applique pattern, I've selected Prairie Rose (upper left picture.) My blocks are going to be 20". (Any larger and I don't think I could manage them as this is a first for me.) I plan on keeping Prairie Rose for myself to go in my new office -- which I absolutely love. It's small, quiet, cozy and has a wonderful view. All it's missing is a quilt for my reading chair, or should I say a quilt for Gizmo and Toby to snuggle on. I've selected earth, muted autumn colors - gorgeous. I love the folk art flavor of this design. I've always wanted to learn how to applique and I'm guessing by the time I'm done with this group - I should have a good grasp of it.

For my pieced pattern, I've selected the bear paw -- which of course, I've never made before. I have a great book by Sally Collins, The Art of Machine Piecing . This is a really good book for those wishing to learn machine piecing. Collins covers everything from cutting, pressing, and sewing order to drafting your own blocks or, as in my case, enlarging standard blocks. I do love the bear paw block (it's always been one of my favorites) -- particularly when set off with a stark white.

I've selected a navy blue and hunter green Christmas paisley by Moda, I think -- and for the claws, navy and white, or dark green and white. These blocks will be 21" each. I think I'm going to make 4, the group will make 5 - and then I'll have enought to make Sal a nice winter quilt - maybe backed with a navy, hunter and white plaid flannel. There's nothing like a quilt backed with delicious flannel.

Finally, another glimpse of Starry Night. I'm still working on it -- a little at a time.
Tonight - I will be hemming 6 pairs of Sabrina's pants (she's got short legs like her momma) and thinking about making a trip back "home" maybe in October -- so I can sit on the banks of Lake Erie , feel the stinging wind on my cheeks and remember.


Anonymous said...

I hope you dont miss your dad too much when he goes home. well done for finishing the purple quilt - and good luck with the big blocks.

I cant believe i didnt see the simley face in your header - it virtually leaped of the screen and head slapped me this morning!

GraceBeading said...

Great post Cathie, sometimes I think I'm feeling homesick and then I realize I don't know where 'home' is for me. I lost my parents when I was fairly young (by the time I was 21) and it seems that since they have been gone, I haven't felt a connection to anywhere in particular. I have found it's changing a bit since I moved to Indiana and am closer to my son and grandkids, but still... so I understand the soul searching oh so well. Sometimes I really miss my parents and my grandmother and that feels homesick to me - other times I just feel like I'm nuts :-)

One thing I do know for sure - I love looking at your latest creations. The purple quilt is pretty, the color of your fabric selections for the big blocks are wonderful. And that fainting sofa (is that what it's called?) looks very inviting!

Hang in there girlie!

Vicki W said...

I'm sorry that you are homesick. It's nice to have a place that means so much though. Congrats on finishing the purple quilt and good luck on all of your other projects!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh Cathie...your post was so touching to me!!! May I just tell you...go 'home' while you can...while there are loved ones still there at 'home'!!! I've often felt the ache and pain of wishing I could just go home, if only for a little while...... but there are no more roots!!! Make some plans and go girl!!! Your heart and soul are calling you home to Ohio...if only for a little while!!!

I just know your purple quilt, little loving puppy, markers and paper, and skittles and gummie savers is going to make one little special girl feel very loved!!! Your heart and soul is written all over you and your beautiful work! She will LOVE it and treasure all the love you put into it for a long time.

I think a warm and fall colored quilt sound wonderful for your new office and absolutely perfect for you, Gizmo, and Toby to snuggle under! Fall is just that time of year for all the warm colors, fresh air, and all the warmth we can get.

Your bear paw quilt for Sal sounds so perfect. Navy blue, hunter green, and classic for a guy! And, backed in a nice weighted quality flannel...yummy! I know he will love it!

Your WIP on Starry Night is wonderful and you are making great progress, especially with the other projects you've been working on too! And hemming pants...mine always were having to be let out...Gerry Giraffe here!!! ;-)

Shine your light Cathie...find your way home...if only for a little while!!!

A heartfelt hug to you...~Lisa ;-)

daydreamstudios said...

I think it's a natural "nesting" instinct for all creatures this time of year! A time to store natures bounty for the long winter ahead. To find a place to settle down for a long winters nap...! (oh how I wish I could sleep through winter and awake in the spring renewed and refreshed) I'm from Norther Michigan, so I can connect with that feeling.

3rdEyeMuse said...

you know, I think we all have our cycles that we go through ... try to remember that home really is where the heart is ... part of yours must always be in Ohio ... October is a great time to be there. :)

that little tease of starry night is sooooo dreamy!

jeanne herself said...

there's just something about this time of year, eh? put that trip on your calendar. go ahead. we'll wait. love the quilt. especially enjoying the corgi olympics.

Jane said...

Finding that "home" place within ourselves is a constant question... an empty spot, sometimes found, sometimes not throughout the courses of our life. Heres hoping you find that peaceful place where "home" resides...

Clevelandgirlie said...

You always seem to know just what to say. Thank you.

Cat said...

Thank you so much for your visit and kisses for my puppy - she slurped them right up!

You sure keep busy quilting! I'm not sane enough to do anything but crazy quilt! You do lovely work.

And yes... soul searching is deep & wonderful & finding the truth to life is awesome... best wishes.

sammy said...

When I think of going "home" I think of when I will finally go to my "home" with my heavenly Father and there I will also be with my mom and my dad again.... So for me, home is where my heart and soul is... I love your art! You are amazing!
hugs.. Now I go to go back and see the face Paula was talking about in your header!

Allison Ann Aller said...

I'm new to your blog, but I see many mutual friends here in your comments!

I just love your method of stitching over painting. I've never seen that and it does seem like the possibilities are endless. Thanks for the inspiration...and I'll add you to my blogroll right now so I won't miss any more!


Vickie E said...

Great blog!

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