Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Stitches - February 8th

The only problem I had this morning with my stitching was in choosing what color(s) to use. I'm still working on the sunrise and mediterranean painted linens so I wanted to choose colors that compliment those color ranges.

This week I worked on the Backstitch, Split Stitch and Closed Fly Stitch, in addition to continuing practice on the chain stitch, straight stitch and whip stitch.

I decided to do something with it - so I made some flowers with chain stitched petals and little french knots in the center. The leaves on the yellow flower utilize the closed fly stitch. In order to learn this stitch, it is suggested that you draw out your leaf shape and then fill it in with the closed fly stitch. That is what I did the first time, but it was not really necessary. This stitch can be worked open or closed (with no space in between the stitches).

I also worked with the backstitch and the split stitch. Those are great outlining stitches, as well as I used the split stitch for the stem of the flower.



Hi, love all your gorgeous colours!!! look forward to seeing your finished stitchings when I get back from hols (around 19th Feb). Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog. Have fun stitching, chat when I get back! Carolyn x

3rdEyeMuse said...

it's SNOWING! the little flurries are bringing me much joy.

I'm really enjoying your Sunday Stitches & love that you're "drawing pictures" with them.

Oh! and thanks for the stitch advise - I think it just might be working. :)

ACey said...

I love the way you are bringing more life and Clevelandgirlie-ness to the linen. Plus am totally infatuated with your storage system. All those colors! You have gathered a delicious selection.

Mary said...

Great stitching! Did you see this post? OMG!

katie jane said...

Cathie, you are doing so well with these stitches. My mom used to embroider and I remember all these stitches. I still have some old tablecloths that she made. My hubby bought me a crazy quilt years ago, made from mens' old silk neckties from the 40s, and all the quilt pieces feature a different stitch sewn on the front side. It is truly a treasure. Keep up the fantastic work. Your stitches are certainly equal to the work on my quilt.

GraceBeading said...

Fun stuff! Love all the colors and really enjoy the close up shots of the stitches.

Pursuing Art... said...

What fun that you are working on this faithfully. The colors on the linen are yummy and your stitches look great! Loved Acey's comment that you are bringing more Clevelandgirlie-ness to the linen! I can see it too...especially the heart, flowers and peace sign!!! ~wink~

XO ~me

MOLLY said...

Girlie--You just have to be great at everything, don't you!!. I had a problem deciding where to comment. Your group inspires you. It is evident. I am into embroidery right now and really enjoying it. On Wool--so much fun. Keep up the great work!!

Teresa said...

Looks like you are having great fun. I have not embroidered since childhood and I am fighting the urge to try a few stitches. I am really trying to expand my knitting knowledge and had better just stick with it. I'm glad I can see new things through you.

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