Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunday's Stitches - February 1st

The RUNNING STITCH. Love, love, love this one. It's easy AND the best part - it can be manipulated in a zillion ways to create additional colors, textures, etc. I hand painted another piece of really nice linen I bought at the Lazy Daisy, with Neocolors, and brushed some water over it with a fan brush to create a nice painterly surface upon which to stitch. Using a variety of colors of perle cotton I worked the Runinng Stitch straight, curved, in trios, in a wave pattern with the ALGERIAN EYE stitch. I've read this is a great stitch to use as a foundation upon which to build other stitch patterns. I can see that possibility and am going to explore that.

(Click on the stitch names if you would like to learn how to do these stitches.)


3rdEyeMuse said...

If I have neglected to do so before now, I here-to-fore dub thee, Stitch-Godess-Extraordinaire! the fabric looks beautiful & the running stitches you did have such beautiful detail.


Just popping over to say "hi" from Cornwall and to say "lovely blog" and lovely stitching...

Cestandrea said...

These are intersting, love the linen and the colors in which you tainted it! It's fun to follow your Sunday Stitches:)
have a great week
and an extra-hug for Sabrina, I watched the video again, love her voice, really!
oh, and, it's snowed so hard here this morning, now it is all slushy, sniff.

katie jane said...

Cathie, these are very nice. Are they hand stitched, or machine? Wonder what you'll use them for? I'm sure, whatever it is, it will be beautiful.

Congrats to Sabrina! She's brilliant!

Lee said...

Thank you for your kind words! I like the way your pictures all look like early morning sunlight across them - it makes everything so warm!

And Corgis!! The dogs of my youth. I miss having animals, so I go work with other people's horses.

Pursuing Art... said...

Love the linen colors you painted and your stitches look great! Isn't embroidery fun and perle cotton is the bomb for texture!!! ;-)

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