Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday's Stitches AND Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild - M4 Challenge

Sabrina and I participated in the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild's M4 Challenge.

The Mission? To create a piece of mixed media art from a container of mystery items ranging from vintage lace and maps, to lightbulbs, mini circuits, housekeys and a glass bottle. The rules dictated that you had to use 31 of the 33 items, and were permitted to add two additional items - including your substrate. There were 22 participants of this challenge - each being provided the same mixture of items.

Here is a sneak peak of what Sabrina and I both came up with:
I personally found this challenge to be excruciating inasmuchas "mixed media" in this sense is not my forte'. But I really wanted to try it. Regretably, I starred at the box of objects for weeks before I finally deciding to just get it done. Sabrina on the other hand totally embraced the challenge -- diving with a smile into the box of "stuff" and emerging with a very clever, well thought out piece of art that WILL eventually end up on the wall of my office as it is absolutely the coolest.

If you'd like to check out some of the work of the other participants, all M4 Challenges are currently on display at Artist Alley (art gallery) in Southern Pines, North Carolina, and many of them are for sale. As for Sabrina's piece - well it's NOT for sale, as it's already been promised.... to me. Pricless!


Lavender Dreamer said...

Very nice! I think the challenges are hard, too but you did a great job!

I answered your email awhile back. Did you get it? I wonder if you are still looking for property in the mountains! Hope you've found what you want!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

They both look very intriguing!

Mary said...

I have trouble with challenges too! Totally freeze - until the very last minute and then I get an idea and work like a crazy person until it's finished and I have to FedX it to be on time! I'm pathetic! :O) But I love love love what you two did! Awesome.

Talking Horses Arts said...

Awesome...really like theses!

3rdEyeMuse said...

I'm pretty sure I would have been intimidated by the box, myself. I bet it was a blast and quite freeing once finally committed to playing with the items. :) your sneak peaks are a delight & what a good daughter Sabrina is!!

ps - Scarlett O'Kitty doesn't look half as drunken in that pose ... more like she's ready to pounce on any mouse invaders! thank you for welcoming her with such open arms. :)

katie jane said...

Gosh, what a fun project! And I LOVE Sabrina's work. I did look at that site, and it sounds like so much fun. We should have more stuff like that here in Cincy.

katie jane said...

I never mentioned how much I like your new header!! So appropriate for you.

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh tease...not fair to be just a sneak peek and the picture won't enlarge either!

It looks like you girls did a fantastic job!!! I love the flowers and the heart!


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I don't believe you! <-- that mixed media art is troubling, from what I see.. you conquer most anything put in front of you.. this challenge included! I want to see MORE!

What gifts you brought the universe today.. !!! My mind is taking it all in and creating HUGE smiles on my face this morning! Go on with your baad self girlie, you kick some serious art butt!

xo, monica

Wurzerl said...

I think it 's great to participate with Sabrina! You both must have a lot of fun!
Tell my greetings, yesterday I putted a little gift for your daughter in the mail box!

Have a great week. Wurzerl

CAROLYN said...

Really love your mosaic of your mixed media collage work - you're both very talented girlies

Sometimes challenges are good in that they help weed out the things you love and the things you will never again touch with a bargepole!!!

Have lots of fun creating this coming week

Catch you soon! Carolyn :o)

Nikki said...

These are wonderful. I want to see the whole thing!

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