Sunday, September 25, 2011

Studio Remodel & New Projects...

Well Hello Autumn! 

 I can't tell you how happy I am to see you.  It has been a long, difficult year for me (for us, for our family), but with the onset of colored leaves, the completion of our outdoor room and the anticipated arrival of cooler weather, comes the notion of peaceful days and healthier mind, body and soul.

This is going to be a bit of a catch up post.

A few months ago I moved my studio from a teeny tiny room downstairs to a larger space. 

In between personal catastrophies and some "outdoor" renovations, 

I have spent quite a bit of time purging, organizing and primping the space  which has been painted and outfitted with some new shelving that I designed myself.  The once cement floor has been covered with beautiful hardwood, the walls have been painted and "daylight" overhead lighting installed.  I am in love!  

Finally,  the dust has settled and the studio is welcoming and tidy.  No clutter here!  Just a beautiful open space with  lots of room to spread out, and a stack of WIPs  (works in progress) just waiting to be addressed. 

The machine I use.... the Janome Horizon -  I love.  My husband bought this for me for Christmas and with everything that has been going on around here  I have barely had a chance to test drive it.  That's gonna change right NOW!
I took it out of the case, attached the beautiful acrylic table and it's ready to go.  Janome really does make superior sewing machines.  This is my second Janome.  I still have my first one and use it on the tough stuff like leather, plastic and copper.  Which - by the way - it sews through like a champ.
 I've spent a good part of today puttering around, and working on a pretty little batik quilt in ocean colors.   I think I'm going to make about 30 blocks and sash them all in white with some intense free motion work in the white borders - at least that is the plan - for now.

It's been a nice quiet  day - even though today it's hot and humid.  A few more weeks and we should be firing up that fireplace on a daily basis. 
Boy am I ready!

Oh Yeah!


Lynn said...

Well I can only envy you your beautiful new space. I am happy for you and can't wait to see what you create there!!!! Actually I am happy with the renovations we did here last summer too. So my envy isn't huge...LOL

Carol said...

Nice post. Your outdoor room looks like a really nice place to relax and enjoy nature. Great new studio too! I'm jealous.

Katie said...

Nice space. Mine will never be that uncluttered! :-)

Katiejane said...

Ooo, this all looks so nice! What a lovely work space. I have a Janome also, but mine is not as fancy as yours. I don't do much sewing anymore. Just utility work, like hems and the odd curtain or two. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this studio.

~Babs said...

It's just beautiful, Cathie!
Your work space, I mean. Although that outdoor living area is equally
as wonderful.
May you spend many a happy and contented hour in each.
Looking forward to some fall here also.It's been a sizzler of a summer,,,,

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