Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nothing Monumental.... Just a Few Little Bits....

A Hand Stitched, Heat Distressed, Beaded Heart... for my Valentine

....and a whimsical "Wintery" Landscape.

 Starting on the design process for Sabrina's "away to college" quilt.  It needs to be very special.  
I've been sketching ideas and saving clippings of ideas from books and magazines for over a year.  I really need to start solidifying my ideas and put them down on paper.  Bittersweet.


~Babs said...

"away to college" ????
Surely not! Seriously, already?

I'm sure it will be a MOST special quilt,,our girls deserve no less, and always bring out our best.
Bittersweet, indeed. I remember it well,,,,sigh.
Love your hearts and bits and landscape.
To bits!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Really like the wintry landscape Cathie, with the moon and the colours you have chosen and the swirly stitching. x

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