Monday, September 10, 2012

I Dyed...

Spent the morning at the nursery buying the first lot of mums for our "autumn" yard.  Planting all of these buggers (upwards of 50) in North Carolina red clay - is a royal pain- but the results are worth the effort as my yard explodes by the end of September and it lasts well into December, sometimes January.  Once that was accomplished,  I donned my overalls and began preparation for my very first experience in dyeing fibers.

After much research on dyeing, I decided upon an immersion (low-medium) method and formula for my first dyeing experience. My husband and I set up a most efficient  station in my garage for my textile and stained glass work complete with stainless steel sinks, stainless work table and a roller cart.  "The right tools" for the best results - and with stainless, no worries, no mess.  (Oh - and my beautiful new dyeing studio also doubles as a corgi washing, primping and brushing station!)

I picked out four colors - blue/green, teal, aqua marine blue and turquoise.  For purposes of documentation and experimentation, I used very little dye and   a natural muslin  (bleached and unbleached) which was washed in synthrapol, and medium immersion dyed for upwards of 20 hours.

I also tried a low immersion process whereby I poured a combination of two separate dyes  mixed with soda ash directly onto the muslin in a glass container.  I let that sit in the sun all day.   I also did some shibori dyeing (which is not pictured here), tying, wrapping and immersing. I plan on using these mottled samples on the left in my first two C&G exercises, as I think they came out quite nice.

The plan is to begin Module 1 of Hand Embroidery utilizing my freshly dyed fabrics.  I also have lots of chores to do outside.  But don't worry Gizmo, there will be plenty of time for frisbee. I promise!

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