Friday, May 28, 2010

Gothic Baby Quilt for sale in Etsy

SKULLS (Click HERE to my Etsy Shop to purchase this quilt)
Fresh and Modern.
Black, white and red has always been a striking combination to me and although this baby quilt does have a "gothic" element to it, it's also really cute. I added a black and white polkadot binding which I love. Washing it in hot water really made the fabric tuck up into the stitches of the quilting - setting it off quite nicely. I really like how the quilting came out on this one.  My Janome machine is the BEST.

Also on the table this long weekend are some cool birdies that I've cut out some great bold fabrics. Birdies are turning up everywhere - and I love them. So I decided to make a few just for fun. I vaguely remember seeing a pattern in one of my quilting magazines for a blackbird that had a beaded hanger. I'm replicating this from memory. I wish I could find the pattern - but I have about 50 quilting magazines I've saved and don't feel like sifting through them so I'm improvising.
PUPPIES  My son is getting ready to head over to the house he is renting (1 block from the beach on Oak Island) in order to start college in the fall.  Guess who's going with him??? Yep - Harley (the little black and white sheltie/australian shepard mix).  We had the son (and his girlfriend, Lindsay) and the two pups for dinner last night and with Tobie and Gizmo in the mix  - Puppy Palooza!                                                
Because Sabrina has exams next week and then a week or so after that we are all heading in different directions of the country - we're hanging around the house this weekend.  Be sure to check back Tuesday as I'm going to have a giveaway for one of the birdies that I'm putting together.         

Happy Memorial Day!


Mary said...

oooo, look at those sweet little faces! Have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

Okay, I guess it's just me but the skulls seem a bit strange for a baby is the parents who are "Goth"? I guess a baby won't know the difference. LOL
The quilting is very beautifully done and I too like the puffiness.

The birds on the other hand seem like something that the baby might like a lot...colorful, big forms, and a fun first word "Birdy!"...again, just me.
Your work is all wonderfully done.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hey Cathie! The quilt is neat--I've always heard that babies can only recognize black, white & red when they are first born-don't know if it is true.

Have a wonderful family weekend!

Rafael's Mum said...

Aaaah... just look at those puppies! (and here are you looking for quilt comments! the puppies win, lol! but the quilt is nice too.) ha ha...

Doreen K. said...

for birdies pattern. Love those puppies.

Barb said...

Love, love LUV all those pups! I love the baby quilt also, the quilting is exquisite! LOVE the birds too--

Havea great long weekend!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Cathie, how are you? The quilt colours work so well, especially the black & white polka dot against the rich, red fabric. Love those cute pups. Lesley


Such a gorgeous post :o)
Love the sound of puppy palooza!
Your quilt is beautiful, would love to see more pictures, detailed pictures of it please! The birdies ... I'm in love with the birdies! I'll be there Tuesday in line to put my name in your hat!

Lots of love

Deborah said...

I love the baby quilt and the pups!

Pursuing Art... said...

The quilt turned out beautiful...just perfect for the right couple!

Oh, those puppies are SO *cute* and those birds are going to be gorgeous! XOXO

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