Friday, September 27, 2013

Mark Making...

Mark making. I've been thinking a lot about this lately - because really, that is what it all boils down to - mark making. And  not only stitch, but in painting,  too.

Mark making in stitch - the vocabulary is endless.  In watercolor painting, the mark making translates into primarily - washes, linear strokes and  dry brush marks.

Mark making - and how all those marks come together - to transmit shape, emotion, and depth...
is art.

I now pay attention marks.  I really pay attention.  Once I stopped simply appreciating the picture, or scene, or design of a piece of work (whatever the media) and started looking deeper, looking at the 'marks,' the relationships of color, the light, the distance,  etc. it was like taking blinders off.   Like opening the flood gates.

I stumbled upon a really great book by Helen Parrott, mark making - fresh inspiration for quilt and fiber artists.  What I absolutely love most about this book as that Parrott really focuses on training the eye, the brain to "disconnect" from the vision as a whole. Eliminate the background noise - and imagine (see, really see) the surface image as a free standing object and translate that image onto your surface with a series of marks.  I'm really getting alot out of it.

Today - I'm mixing up my indigo vat. Finally.

And YES, Gizmo... as promised,  I'm taking you  to the park where we will look up into the trees while we walk, for evidence of Autumn.

The simple things.
Yes. The simple things.

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