Monday, November 17, 2014

Eco Printed Leaves....

On white  linen.  

came out so great.  

This linen which was white when I started,   was soaked in soda ash over night, wrung out and then layered with viburnum leaves and wrapped with hemp super tight around a copper pipe.  I steamed it in an aluminum pot outside for four hours or so.

After  it cooled, I unwrapped it,  rinsed it by hand, ironed it and and just smiled.  Beautiful!!!

It's raining today - but I don't care.  I'm grabbing my hiking books, putting on my raincoat and heading out into the woods.  There is so much more beauty to be captured!


The Idaho Beauty said...

Wow - you're not kidding that turned out great!

How "fast" are these, or does it matter?

Dana said...

All right! You are getting lovely results. Its hard to stop when that happens.

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