Sunday, May 6, 2007

If You Want My Body, and You Think I'm Sexy, Come on Baby Let Me Know!!!

The first time I saw Rod Stewart I was 17. The concert was at the Hollywood Sportatorium in Hollywood, Florida -- a favorite venue of mine. Well over 20 (make that almost 25) years later -- he is still going strong, and I enjoyed the concert Friday night as much as I did when I was just 17. Even my husband - a self-proclaimed "Dead Head" enjoyed the concert. Rod Stewart has withstood the test of time by keeping his youthful spirit and maintaining his risque' charisma. He belted out one classic after another - a repetoire of 28 songs in all -- some old (late 60's) and some recent. His music - like his quirky "look" is timeless.(Yes, he still has that hair!) It transcends all generational barriers. There were grandmas at the concert, their were mothers with their daughters at the concert, there were husbands, there were wives and there were groups of singles. It was an awesome evening for me - sharing a piece of my teenage years with my husband. He and I didn't know eachother when we were in our teens. Music has a magical ability to transoport us back to a place and time we have all but forgotten. I experienced some of that magic last Friday night, as did about 5,000 other people. We were all 17 again. And while I am so very happy with my life as it is now -- it was wonderful to be a kid again (with my husband) --- if only for a few hours!


Judy Rys said...

It sounds like you had a great time at the concert. I think it is important to keep the "kid" alive. Keeps our spirit young!

Maggie R said...

I would LOVE to see Rod Stewart in concert. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Of course, I was aware all along of your fondness of Rod "The Bod"... however, I feel silly to have never known how much you care for Barry. Life's a funny ol' girl, aint she! old friend

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