Tuesday, June 26, 2007

7 days, 4 States (New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado) and nearly 2,000 miles later - we're home - safely.

We have done this drive many times in an SUV, but we have never "experienced" the beauty of the West and Southwest in such an intimate and meaningful way. Touring this part of the country on a motorcycle is the most amazing experience I have ever had -- and I can't say it wasn't a difficult journey. There were times when the heat in the desert was over 110, and there were times in the mountains when the temperature was below freezing. We put clothes on and took them off several times a day - depending on the altitude, but following the drastic changes in temperature, were amazing changes in scenery. The best part about traveling by motorcycle is that you can feel the temperature changes on your skin and you can smell the differences in the desert and the valleys. Words cannot explain these sensations. Every switchback, desert and canyon we drove through -- lead to a unique and breathtaking imageto be imprinted into our memories forever. Sure -- we took many photographs, but photographs can not begin to tell the story of our our journey -- as it was so much more than simply visual. It was the journey of two people -- who live and work together every day of their lives, and because of "life," they never seem to have the chance to just stop -- and listen -- to their surroundings -- or eachother. This was a journey of discovery and re-discovery.

Each time we pack up to head home from Colorado -- we vow that we'll back again soon. And Blaise, when he sees the sadness in my eyes upon our departure, never fails to reassure me -- that one day -- we'll be going "home" Colorado for good.

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