Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not Only Did I Finish It..... But it Traveled 2,000 Miles!

I finished it, and it traveled over 2,000 miles from New Mexico to Arizona, to Utah, to Colorado and back to New Mexico. Here is a picture of Blaise's "Harley Quilt" (see the little skulls?? aren't they cute???) on the banks of a the Rio Grand in Colorado where we stopped to take a rest. While this wasn't a difficult pattern (rail fence) I worked very hard on this "labor of love." I shopped, and shopped until I found some great fabric that was reminiscent of the Grateful Dead (a band that my Husband loves.) The front is pieced with cotton and it is backed with a delightfully soft flannel. I suspect this blanket will be doing much traveling with us tucked safely in the saddle bag of the motorcycle as we traverse the mountains and beaches of North Carolina!


Michelle said...

Terrific quilt, Cathie! Loved catching up with you via your blog, hope we can find time to catch up in person soon! xo.

katelnorth said...

Cute quilt, Cathie - you are right about rail fence quilts - they are quick and effective both. And yours is well-travelled to boot...

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