Sunday, September 23, 2007

Due to the lack of children this past weekend, Blaise and I got up early on Friday and headed to western Virginia with nothing but a change of clothes and the Harley. This really isn't our favorite time of year to cruise the Parkway (Fall and Spring being the most beautiful,) however it still took our breath away. The air was crisp, yet sweet, with the last smells of summer and, if you looked carefully, you could see (particularly at higher elevations) brilliant rogue red leaves. And while my heart is lodged somewhere atop the Continental Divide (Colorado,) the Blue Ridge Mountains are an amazing sight to behold at any time of year and have a special way of reminding us that in the big picture of things -- how "small" we really are. We are heading out to Virgnia again at the End of October for the a weekend stay at a bed and breakfast that I found in Woolwin, VA which is a working "llama" farm - Old Spring Farm in order to take Sabrina to the 34th Annual Blue Ridge Mountain Folk Festival (and Quilt Show) in Ferrum, VA. This area of Virginia should be experiencing peak fall color by then so we are looking forward to a beautiful Fall weekend full of coon dog contests, vintage farm implement displays and, of course, the Mountain Comforts Quilt Show.

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