Thursday, September 20, 2007

Into the Wild....

I am so psyched. I just found out that a story that has haunted me since I read it almost 10 years ago is coming to the big screen. The book, "Into the Wild," written by John Krakauer (an amazing writer for Outside magazine and, who also wrote another one of my favorites, "Into Thin Air," which is about the Mt. Everest disaster) is truly one of the most moving, thought provoking stories I have ever read. The movie comes on in "select" theaters this weekend - which means it won't yet be playing in Raleigh, however it comes out nationwide on October 5th. If you've seen this movie, or read the book, I would love to hear from you. Once I see the movie, I will comment on it further. For now, I'll just count the seconds until I can relive this story and finally, share it with my husband (whom I've begged to read the book, but alas, to no avail.) I can't wait to see it. Here is the trailer to the upcoming movie

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Barbara said...

I found your blog in the world of blogger and I stayed! Wonderful inspirations!

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