Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's a Mouse Parade.....

I'm working on a few presents for Sabrina and cannot post pictures, but suffice it to say, that as always - I bit off more than I can chew. As much as I want to perfect my garment sewing abilities, without a "person" handy to present my work to and ask questions as they arise - it's a hit or miss. Someimtes I "hit" and sometimes I, #$%*#$%&@#%(@% miss! And I spend LOTS OF TIME RIPPING OUT SEAMS.
I guess the question of the day today is, "NOW WHAT????"
What do I do with this pile of Minky, flannel, satin backed flannel, jersey and cotton that I've got all pinned and cut out. I'm getting confused! It often takes me longer to pin and cutout the patterns to sew the actual garments. I HATE THE CUTTING PART of the job. Once I start sewing, things kind of fall in to place. Most of the time.

Now I've got to get back to my Christmas sewing or Santa is going to be delivering a bunch of gifts riddled with pins and unfinnished seams!!
What's your LEAST FAVORITE part of garment sewing???? Is it the cutting, the zippers, hems?


Paula Hewitt said...

great mice. i love the thread holder tail

3rdEyeMuse said...

I love those mieces to pieces! hmmm ... I am not a garmet sewer of any sort, so can't claim a least favorite ... OH! I know, my least favorite part is mistaking my skin for a piece of fabric!

ok, allotted time for play is up ... must work on holiday stuff. :)

Vicki W said...

Your mice are soooo cute!

ACey said...

the mice are adorable. I really suck at garment sewing. So that's my least favorite part: the inevitable letdown every time I realize it's something where I don't have much talent at all.

Pursuing Art... said...

Okay...just had to swing back by now that I'm back down to earth and breathing again!!!

I just LOVE the mouse parade...they are adorable!

It has been years since I made a garment. Least favorite? Picking a pattern that is beyond my skills and pulling my hair out to get it figured out! And...ripping out seams, yarn, thread, beads...is always the pits!!! ~wink~

Persistence will pay off! Keep smiling Santa!

xo ~Lisa ;-)

Cestandrea said...

Great post:)
Least favorite part of garment sewing? The sewing of the round parts, the sleeves! arrg.
Have fun, Cathie, sewing and preparing marvelous things, I'm sure you will have everything beautifully ready soon

jude said...

funny you should mention this, i have just decided to start making my clothes again, i like everything about it.

Teresa said...

The mice are just too cute!
When sewing I hate the finishing. Zippers, hems, buttonholes, those kinds of things. I love the shopping, the cutting, the pinning and sewing, even the fussy parts like darts, set in sleeves, the things I can adjust or get creative with. A zipper has to be perfect, a hem needs to hang straight, buttonholes have to line up and they are so frustrating.
Happy sewing. You have a good start.

Guzzisue said...

love the mices! confession time, never made a garment!!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Wow, lot of loveliness to look at here. Your mice are so cute! I love them!

Kim said...

What cute mice you've made!! Way FUN!

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