Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fall Leaf Challenge Finished!!

A group I belong to issued a "leaf challenge" wherein we were to create a piece of fabric art encompassing the theme of leaves. Originally, my thought was to create something abstract with leaf shapes. However, during my experimentation I ended up making some interesting leaves that were more realistic than abstract. Here is a litle wall hanging I came up with utilizing those leaves and a little squirrel that I sketched out on muslin and free motion embroidered. Sabrina immediately fell in love with the squirrel and after our meeting tonight -- he will promptly be hung on her bedroom wall to celebrate the onslaught of Fall!


Micki said...

Wow this is fantastic. I love your squirrel and the 3D leaves.

Karol-Ann said...

Oh it's beautiful!!!!

Teresa said...

I'm having email trouble so I will respond to your email to me here. Hope that is OK.
Ohhhhh socks, I haven’t knit any yet but I want to. I have the yarn, I have the DPN’s and the circulars depending on which way I decide to go and I have the book Getting Started knitting socks by Ann Budd. It is an easy read, lots of pictures, good instructions, etc. I have actually cast on and that is all I have done. Is it a good book to learn socks? The best book? I don’t know but it is the one I am trying to use. Let me know if you as others and find out what they use.


PS I won’t mention to my son that Alex needs a coordinating sweater. I will save that idea for when I have some free time.

Phyl said...

....this is a wonderful piece! How many yrs. before I can freemotion like you?!! heh, heh...what are the little pine cones...beads? I'm about 55 mi. north of Raleigh (N.C. native)...and love your work and check your blog often!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

This turned out so pretty. I absolutely love it!

Paularay said...

I love your squirrel

ANDREA said...

Hi Clevelandgirlie:):)
It has been a while that I found your comment on my blog, under the cat's faces and paws and wanted to come and visit your blog.

This is a lovely wallhanging. I like the colours of the leaves, and the squirrel:)

I'll have a closer look at your blog right now!

Have a nice day

Patti G. said...

Thank you for finding my blog and leaving a comment for me! AWwwwwww I am in love with your squirrel for the leaf challenge! BRilliant my dear!!!!!!! I have a special relationship with the squirrels......long story, heheheh! Your embroidered piece is stunning!! AND tell your friend congrats on the blue ribbon! That 12 days of Christmas quilt is beautiful!!!! You even hang around with talent huh? Smart girl! :0)

ANDREA said...

Cathie, thanks for the explanation concerning dryer sheets:) I'll be back to your blog which is so full of life and colour and sunshine:)

Lynn said...

I think the pine cones might be buttons? Nu?
The colors of the leaves are beautiful and yes, very realistic looking. Also like how the bark on the tree came out. Did you use varigated thread on the squirrels body perhaps? Just delightful. It comes together so well.

And as for your friends' prize winning quilt, whew, it's perfecto!
Something to aspire to for sure.

Cris in OR said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog and nice comment on my drawing. I love your wall hanging. It is adorable. We have squirrels around us daily so it means a lot to me. Nice work. The squirrel looks so real.

Teresa said...

I received my gift yesterday! I was so excited to see some of the bark fabric and the leaves. They are awesome! I'm not sure where this packet of goodies will end up but you have me set up for a wonderful project. Thank you for the thank you gift.

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