Sunday, November 18, 2007

Work in Progress Sunday.....

I love Sundays - coffee in bed with my honey, a great breakfast, church (most Sundays!) and at home "family" time. Since it's the weekend before Thanksgiving -- we have been working around the house like maniacs in preparation for the arrival of my husband's sister and her husband. But today -- we're taking it easy and that means WIP Sunday!!! Woo hoo! I'm taking a break for a few hours from Sabrina's quilt - which is nearing completion. I have the top all sewn together and am cutting the borders and hopefully going to start quilting this evening.

Here are a few things I have in the works....

This is going to be a 6x6 piece. I still need to bind it and bead it. It started out as a challenge piece for one of my art groups - a 6x6 traditional quilt block with a "twist." This began as a "square within a square" block I made out of crumbled and sponge painted paper and fabric, stitched, embossed, covered with organza and heat blasted. A bit more work needed still.

This is another 6x6 piece. It began as a square within a square within a square within a squard of turqoise and camel silk dupioni and, painted paper towel that has been stamped with metallic Lumiere paint, embossed, and stitched with metallic thread. I'm going to bind this with copper foil and bead it with abalone and turqoise as this is for a special friend.

These are just a few pieces of "stuff." The pink piece is Lumiere painted Tyvek that has been hit with a heat gun, and the turqoise piece is a piece of soy silk fusion I made a few days ago and then painted.

Finally, these are two of my favorite fiber experiments of late. The orange and hot pink is a piece of soy silk fusion, and the little square piece on top of that are some heat treated angelina fibers that I fused between two sheets of teflon and then cut into a square to make an embossed medallion for a journal I'm making.

I've got a bunch of stuff "in progress," but until I get Sabrina's quilt finished I am not allowed to play with these! Hope you have a great WIP Sunday - and as we say in North Carolina -- "Git 'er done!!"

Not sure what to do with this yet!!!


Doreen said...

Your WIP's are so gorgeous. Love all the texture and the colors.
Enjoy your blog alot.
Doreen K.

Michelle said...

Hey girl, these are gorgeous! I hope I get to see them in person!!! Didn't see a place to comment on your PIF post. I hope you get some takers (you know I'll do it if you need someone!). Maybe we can have that coffee soon???

Nikki said...

It looks like you had a very fun day playing. I love these little pieces. The texture is marvelous!

English Rose said...

Cathi I love the 2 6x6 pieces, so much wonderful texture, and the first one is my favourite colour.

ANDREA said...

I just left a comment which was swallowed by some blogpixies!
I said: these are nice pieces and OMG have you been busy, I'm right now catching up and look at all you achieved recently:)
Have a great Day

Judy Rys said...

I love the bottom piece. Is that a piece of copper foil in the middle section?

Phyl said... the turquoise blocks you're working on!
Yummy texture...a "must" for my work, too!

sue said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, its great fun to just have a playday isn't it, gorgeous work,:)

Dianne said...

These are great - I love play days!! Love the silk fusion piece - that's my favourite!!!

TracyB said...

The metal looking piece at the bottom, what to do with it? It's gorgeous!! Leave it as is!!

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