Friday, January 25, 2008

Fractured Art Quilt - DONE

Dorothy just e-mailed me a picture of the fractured "gladioli" art quilt we've been working on -- and it's all put together. It's not quilted and bound yet -- but WOW did it fit together nicely. Isn't it hard to believe this is done in fabric, threadpainting and applique? Doesn't it look like a painting???? It's too bad you can't see the details -- because there are beads, metallic threads, three dimensional applique petals and other amazing embellishments on this. I will try to get a picture with my macro lense the next time I see Dorothy -- so you can see the amount of detail that went into this.
If you recall -- this was the art quilt that I posted about below wherein five artists each got a "slice" of a poster and did her own interpretation of that slice -- knowing that once complete, everyone's slice was going to be re-assembled into a final picture. This is such a cool concept and was so much fun.

My art quilt is next. I've selected Van Gogh's "Iris" painting and it's quite large - about 36" x 25". I have sliced mine up into five slices vertically with each slice about 6-7" wide. This should be really interesting because each artist basically has the same thing to reproduce and it will be fascinating to see how each one interprets Van Gogh's iris flowers and leaves.

I have been thinking about opening up this type of project to my blog friends. I'd like to find out if we can get five or six artists from around the world (or country) who may be interested -- to participate in a project such as this. I'll think more about that and post on it later.

Meanwhile - have a great Friday. Oh, and the dress -- it's done (wooohooo!!!)-- ironed, satin ribbon attached - and on it's way to the talent show as we speak. Pictures will be posted tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!!!


Michelle said...

WOW! It's fantastic!!! Dorothy must be so pleased. She did a great job connecting all the parts. I'll email you later!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Dorothy's slice quilt is just amazing! Can't wait to see yours- and also the satin dress!

Leah said...

awesome!!! the quilt came out gorgeous!! congrats!

Susan said...

The fractured art quilt is GREAT! I will look forward to the photos of the Van Gogh Iris collaboration and those of your daughter's dress.

Teresa said...

Amazing for sure. It is just beautiful. I am looking forward to your iris quilt.

ANDREA said...

The fractured art quilt looks really fantastic! What a great project and how very artfully every "slice" is made!

Nellie's Needles said...

Beautiful! Did each of you end up with a quilt made up of the various slices? Or is this just the one quilt? The one sliced quilt project that I took part in didn't end up getting sliced. We each made a whole quilt, but most everyone was so attached to their individual pieces and voted to keep them all whole.

Karol-Ann said...

This is amazing. Hard to believe it's done in fabric. I am very impressed!!!

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