Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's Done.....

I kept looking at this and decided it needed another layer of ink. I wanted the flower to appear a deeper shade of blue. After adding more ink, I decided to add some Czech glass beads to the center for sparkle.
Finally, after much deliberation as to how to bind this -- I've decided the "best" binding would be "no" binding, that an "organic" finish would compliment this just fine. So, I put some pretty green batik on the back with a message to Wurzerl on it, stitched up the sides with some aqua cotton thread, stitched two pieces of satin ribbon on to the top and attached it to a nice branch I found in the woodpile as a hanger. Now, it's off to Germany to Wurzerl and her "Garten." I hope she likes it!


Vicki W said...

It's lovely and it looks great hanging outside.

Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

Cathie....what an awesome piece. I love the sparkle the organza gives off and the size is perfect.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

OH, she will love it!

Maybe some day you can show our bee how to do this!

GraceBeading said...

Nice work, it's beautiful! That back drop is pretty incredible too.

Solange Bonnet said...

I have nominated you for an award as a blog that´ brings me inspiration and makes me appreciate the blogosphere´Now it´s your turn to do the same for 10 others who inspired you ( if you want to !?)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Found you! And after a quick scroll I'm coming back when I have more time to read.
BTW...should the person this piece is intended for turn it down (as if!!), I could give it a nice home. Very pretty.

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Cathie,

I first want to Thank You for stopping by! I didn't realize until yesterday that there was one more comment that I didn't notice. Being new to this I need to pay attention and scroll back a little more often. I am a friend of Monica and Grace!

Your art quilt is Beautiful!!! She will love it! I am going to visit Wurzerl's Garden, because I love to garden too! I went back through your posts and I love your blog! Your art work is Awesome! I've been thinking about getting a sewing machine again, but haven't made the move yet because I want a good one and one that has free motion! I'm also a little hesitant because I know where that would take me! ~wink~

I realize now that you are the gal that won Grace's doll kit giveaway!!! Keep working on her, you'll love it when she is done. I am working on my first doll right now too! I'm definitely on the learning curve. It's not as easy to bead 3-D, as on a flat surface! I appreciate Grace's efforts all the more! She is the one who made me want to make and bead a doll too! I tease her and tell her she is a doll-pusher!

You have a lovely family and your kids have certainly picked up their mom's artistic talents! Your daughter's sunflower is just Outstanding!!!

I loved your squares for the Pink Artist too! Didn't the debut knock your socks off! Monica is one big hearted and talented gal. She is something else!!!

I'll be back to visit soon!


abeadlady said...


This turned out just beautiful. I love the way you displayed it too. Looking at your work is slowly leading me back to working with fabric. I suspect most of my work will be hand done because I love working with my hands.


Noel said...'s a beauty. I still can't get over you used organza and paint.
I like where you have it hanging too!

Cestandrea said...

Dear Cathie, what a beautiful piece and what a great background for the beauty! This picture is awsome and the flower is too! I just love the hanger and the different blue hues of the flower and it's background;
Have a wonderful day, your trees are blossoming and so are you and your artwork:)

Wurzerl said...

Dear Cathie,
I am so happy to see your great work again! And once more I want to say to you how I am moved from your kindness and spaciousness. Thank you so much, you meet me in a very difficult situation. I' m every day in the hospital to visit my father who is very ill and never more reminds me. And I couldn' t come earlier in your blog. But it will come a time I can visit you every day like usual.
Have a wonderful week and once more THANK YOU!!!
Hugs, Wurzerl

Judy said...

Hi Cathie,
Just saw your blog for the first time and LOVE this wall hanging. The colors are beautiful and the non-binding is perfect for the piece!

Nikki said...

It's beautiful! I love how you have photographed it hanging in the tree.

Phyl said...

Wow, girl!!This piece sure turned out to be glorious, just in time for spring!
Thanks for sharing it with your readers.....

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