Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hippie Chic......

You may recognize this bag as one similar to the one I made for Monica a few months ago. I liked it so much I decided to make myself one. I'm always toting around sketch pads, books, magazines, notebooks, waterbottles, etc. and I typically carry small purses, and I don't like to load them up -- so I decided to make myself a cute little tote bag for my necessities. The outside fabric is a really cool batik and the blue Kaffe Fassett fabric I used for the inside lining, the trim and the peace sign. I love this combination almost as much as the hot pink and orange with black and white that I made for Monica. I liked that one a little better because the embellishment really stood out. I didn't really use a pattern this time I just winged it. (Tammy - I carry the pen you made me everywhere I go!!)

I made some pretty cool flowers in Jane Sassaman's class and as soon as Sabrina saw them she snatched them, picked out some black and white batik fabric, a bright orange print for the lining and handed them to me, gave me a big kiss and said, "pretty please!?!!!!?" What do you think my answer was?????


Vivian Love said...

I love this bag. Great job! Have a great day!

katie jane said...

Really cute bag! Keep on Truckin'

Pursuing Art... said...

Hey Cathie~

Thanks for swinging by...I'm always glad when you do! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bag! I remember when Monica posted her bag you made her and it is to DIE FOR!!! I'm hoping, wondering, if that's the bag Ms. M is egging you on to submit!?? I hope so!!! Hippie Chic, I am, was, still am! ;-)) And, do you not think this world could use a reminder that we all could use a little PEACE!!! Awesome Bag!!!

You've been one busy girl!!! Lucky you taking a class with Jane Sassaman! The flowers are wonderful and I know your answer was, ~smile~, ABSOLUTELY!!! ~wink~

Your Iris Slice and other's are beautiful...and amazing!!! I, too, love Van Gogh! Have you seen on You Tube or Google it...Vincent Van Gogh's work set to the song by Don McLean ~ Starry Starry Night? LOVE IT!!! If you haven't seen it, check it out...Sabrina might enjoy it too!!!

Lisa ;-))

3rdEyeMuse said...

I so wish I could just wing it and turn out something as fabulous at s that bag! I love the combo. :)

katie jane said...

Hi Cathie! So glad you could come along to the Flower Show with Millie and me.

I'm happy the iris is coming along, but don't worry about hurrying. I understand how life gets in the way of having fun. Love your Peace Bag. It looks roomy and versatile.

Jenny said...

Love, love the bag. I'm a tote-aphile myself. I have bunches of patterns and fabrics hoarded...just need the time to sew!-Jenny at

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

How Xciting! I'm sew glad we match! like the fabric artsy sisters that we are!!!

PC back up and running, tough when the puter decides to go solo, leaving me behind!

Missed reading your blog posts.

YES! submit this bag!!! no if's and's or but's about it... send it in. xo, Monica


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