Saturday, June 14, 2008

Even the Corgis Don't Want to Go Outside...

I HATE HOT WEATHER!!! Always have. Give me 20 degree temperatures, and a windy snowy day -- any day over a blistering hot, humid day -- YUCK. I think part of the reason I hate hot days -- is because I HATE being couped up inside with the windows closed and the air conditioning on. I like fresh air and I get stifled when it's too hot to open the windows or sit outside.

Anyway -- when it's too hot to go outside we stay inside and today was a perfect day to hang around the house and clean. While I was scrubbing, Sabrina (after she finished HER chores) was creating.
This is what she made today. She is taking private art lessons over the summer and wanted a little sketch book for her bag that she can carry with here everywhere she goes -- in case the "urge" strikes. So she whipped this out in about an hour or so.

She had one of those little spiral bound books from the scrapbook store. She covered it in watered down paint, added some tissue paper layers, more paint, a little matte medium for texture. She then added the press on letters, threw some crystals on for fun, and tied a bunch of yarn and ribbon scraps to the top.

On the inside, she started doing washes with alcohol inks and watercolors to add interest to some of the pages. This would be a great little book for a garden journal, or a quilting journal, or even a photo album -- tons of possibilities. I love the colors she chose (these pictures don't do the vibrancy of the colors justice - but it's a cloudy day) and thought this was a really cute little book she put together for herself.

She starts watercolor painting on Monday so I will certainly be posting pictures of her artistic endeavors.
Enjoy your weekend -- and spoil those Fathers!


katie jane said...

Nice book! At first I thought it was a tote bag, then I figured it out when I read your words. It's very pretty and handy too.

P.S. I HATE hot weather too! June, July, August, and September are the WORST months for me.

Be sure to peek at "Cris in Oregon's" blog today, as she is talking about her trip to the Van Gogh Museum.

Vicki W said...

She sure is creative! That's a great journal.

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi cathie
i hate the hot weather for just about all the reasons you do!!! ick!
sabrina did a fantastic job on her journal lucky girl having art lessons-i hope she has a blast!
there is going to be no stopping her!! make sure you share what she creates with us (like i have to even ask!)
hope it has cooled off for you now-yesterday was icky and sticky here but then lots of rain and nice t&l storms
enjoy your day

Anonymous said...


Pursuing Art... said...

LOL! I hate HOT weather too! But I do love 70-82-85 degrees and wish it would stay this temp during the summer! I can not stand it when it hits 90 or more!!!

My husband travels to the Midwest, a lot, and he tells me how humid and sticky it can be! He informs me that our 10-15 days of being pathetically humid, HOT, and unreasonable is NOTHING compared to the Mid and East Coast!!! I can hardly stand it here, for these 10-15 hot days... I'm not sure I could handle your heat! I would have "weeny" written on my forehead by the sounds of it!!!

Sabrina's sketchbook is awesome!!! She "whipped" it out in an hour or so??!!! God, I will never keep up with you girls!!! ;-) The blues and greens are beautiful and I love the texture she used! I especially like how she embellished it! Simple...beautiful...sweet...and practical! Love it Sabrina!!!

Keep sharing what you are learning this summer!!! Hugs ~Lisa

Try to stay cool...and maybe cooler in Colorado! ;-)

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