Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Starry NIght and The Perfect Storm ....

Had a few minutes this afternoon so I decided to put it to good use and get out the paints and a piece of weaver's cloth. I have Starry Night on my PC Desktop and after looking at it for a few minutes decided it's time to turn it into a thread painting . So I started to sketch it out with Tsukineko inks -- to set the first layer of color. (left)

I wasn't happy with the density of the ink on the weaver's cloth and knew I would not be able to get the depth of color (or texture) I was looking for with the inks -- so I got out the acrylics. Much better!

I really love the painting process, and I had to keep reminding myself not to spend too much time on the painting because all said and done -- the paint layer will be primarily covered (with only slivers of depth showing) with thread.
I really need some stiffer brushes. . In fact, I'd like to know what type of brush Van Gogh used. (I'm going to look that up.) If you have ever tried imitating his style with a sable brush, it's not a very successful endeavor. In fact, I got much better results using some really cheap brushes that I swear are out of straw. Those are actually some of my favorite brushes because of the texture they create. I use them alot in landscape elements - particularly for pine trees and mountains.
Anyway, I'm done with the paint and tomorrow if I can find the time, I'll start with the thread. I'm debating as to whether I should try the "slow cloth" approach and do it by hand with some nice floss - maybe some silk and hand dyed or shimmery threads. Hand stitching would absolutely imitate those short brush strokes beautifully. I'll contemplate that tonight while watching one of my favorite movies that is just getting ready to start -- The Perfect Storm.
It's time to dim the lights, make a yummy soy latte and watch!

La tempesta sta attendendo! Goda della notte i miei amici.


Fannie said...

Very nice, Cathie. I look forward to seeing the finished piece with thread painting, etc.

A print of Starry Night is sitting on my file cabinet waiting to be reproduced into an art quilt for me too. My grandson enjoys this piece. I was playing with ideas of using Neocolors and thread painting, then thinking about a mixed media collage . . . I don't know. Still thinking.

Good job, Cathie!

jude said...

stitches are definitely like brush strokes.....

katie jane said...

This will be very pretty, Cathie. Your painting looks so much like the real one. You amaze me how you can do this on fabric, but then, canvass is fabric, right?

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Cathie, you make this look sew easyyyyyyyyyyyy peezy! Look at you go girl! My eyes are taking it all in... one by one... each stroke inspiring me!

I'm hooked, when's the reveal? lol

Thank youf or stopping in to check out the pillers... what an honor to get feedback from YOU, Queen Bee. Thanks also for the b-day wishes, it was an amazing day made Xtra special cuz you guys joined the party.

Plz Xcuse the typos, my eyes are telling me to go back in for a second look... xo, Monica :)

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh it looks YUMMY already! I can't wait to see what you do with the thread painting! It will be just beautiful, as all your work!!!

I still think about interpreting his work someday...when I get my other projects DONE!!! LOL at myself!!! I am trying!!!


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