Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Night Under A BILLION Stars - on Top of Grand Mesa, CO

High Altitude Camping - 11,000 feet up on the top of Grand Mesa we found this little mountain lake -- teaming with trout, beaver and, um -- black bears. It seems that with the onset of a late season snow - the bears were a little slow waking up so just as we arrived, they decided to begin their spring forage -- and well, needless to say -- we didn't sleep much that night. Which turned out just as well -- because we woke up about 2:00 in the morning to the most amazing display of stars and galaxies I have ever seen. There is no sky like a Colorado "night sky."


Mary said...

Hi Clevelandgirlie! Thanks for the comment! Wow -- That looks like a great trip!

Cestandrea said...

Wow cathie, I missed a lot here, where are you right now, camping in the stars?, hey give those bears a hug from a city girl:)and have a great July 4th weekend!
love to you and your family

Gammie said...

Where are the pictures of the night sky?


Pursuing Art... said...

That shot is beautiful! What a perfect spot to pitch a tent. Sounds like you two were in heaven waking up that evening and seeing what you saw! Nothing like getting out in the country away from the city lights and seeing the stars and planets! And, at that altitude, you must have felt like you could have touched them! Funny...our news just spoke last week about the bears waking up late this year!!!

I bet your trip was wonderful and I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing more about it!

I hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend!!! ~Lisa ;-)

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