Friday, July 25, 2008

A Weekend in the Carolina Mountains....

is what we planned for this weekend, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen due to work commitments. I guess we shouldn't complain for as bad as the real estate market has been all over the country -- we're still keeping busy!

After putting the suitcases away and explaining to Tobie and Gizmo that they were NOT going to go to Petsmart's Pet Hotel (which they LOVE), Sabrina and I decided over a bowl of cereal , that this would be a good weekend to cover the purple picnic table with plastic dropcloths, lay out the buckets, wheel out the supplies and do some -- painting, dyeing, stamping, foiling, fabric and bead making. Actually, this is perfect timing as I am getting ready to work some smaller art quilts - one for a gift, one for Monica's SGK cause and one to submit in response to a Call for Entries for a new publication that is coming out -- so I really need to play around and get some interesting surfaces from which to pull. Perfect.

In preparation, I've dug out two of my favorite books:

The Beadmaker -- which lays out all the instructions for making beads out of formers, metallic, polymer clay, felt, natural materials (stone, shell, seeds, aromatics,) plastic, embroidery, paper, fabric, etc. Sabrina is really into making her own jewelry right now, and I am always attaching things to art quilts, journals, etc., which I have purchased, but I've always wanted to try making some of my own embellishments.

And this book by Sandra Meech, Contemporary Quilts - Design, Surface and Stitch - contains a litany of techniques of surface embellishment (cloth, transfer dye, photographs, plastic, collage, paint, paper and pattern,stitch). She also explains a variety of design principles and elements for the textile artist -- particularly when dealing with stitch and texture.

Be sure to check back over the weekend as I will try to post periodic pictures of our progress.

I'm also trying to talk "somebody" in to going to see the new Batman movie with me. If no one will go - I may just go alone - THAT's how badly I want to see it!!!

So - What are YOU up to this weekend???


Anonymous said...

what a fun weekend you've got planned. I like the Sandra Meech book - on my shelf, but havent really used it yet. Id go see Batman with you - we had a choice of batman and xfiles yesterday and decided xfiles. it was ok, but rather like a long episode of the show rather than a movie....i think batman might have been better.

katie jane said...

So sorry to hear about your cancelled trip, but glad that work is good for you both! It still looks like you are going to have fun. I'll be working in the basement studio.

quitecontrary1977 said...

i hear the new batman movie is so good. go it alone if you have to!
I can't wait to see what kind of art creation your canceled trip leads to!

Guzzisue said...

In spite of having to cancel your trip I hope you had a great weekend especially with the Sandra Meech book, we took the bike out for some exercise and came back with an oil leak :-( will blog about our destination in a few days time.

Pursuing Art... said...

Hope you get to reschedule your trip! Sounds like you two are going to have a GREAT weekend full of fun!!! You are doing the right out the fun you were going to have and turn it into a different kind of fun!!!

I'll be enjoying the weather and working on some dolls!!! ~wink~

~Lisa ;-)

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks for the book reccommendations! :)

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