Monday, July 21, 2008

As I Immerse Myself in Blues and Greens.....

I'm starting to become attached to this little blue and green homespun nine patch - so I'd better give it a name. I think I'll call it - Appalachian Mountain Skies. There is particular relevance to this name, but I can't tell you why just yet.

I would like to ask YOUR advice...

I am in the process of calculating how many blocks total I'm going to need for this (queen sized) quilt. But first - I must figure out exactly HOW I am going to put this together.

Do I want to sew all of the nine patches together for a really colorful visual impact? (left) Or,

do I want to have each nine patch separated by a nice crisp 6" white block like this arrangment on the right? (I just removed every other block and the white that is showing through right now is just flannel from my design wall) If I choose this design, I would insert a 6 inch finnished bright white on white in between every other nine patch and probably hand quilt with white perle cotton some type of design in each white block (maybe an abstract pine tree).

Whether you are a quilter or non-quilter -- please share your opinions with me as this is strictly a design element question and you guys have such great taste (Tammy, Lisa, Michelle 3rd Eye, Summerset, Andrea, Monica, Wurzerl,etc.,) and ideas. Also -- from my quilter buddies (Jeanne, Katie, Jean, Vicky, etc.) let me know which design you prefer AND how YOU would quilt either of these choices.

I haven't done that many large-scale quilts and am still a little "green!" But I'm lovin' these colors and the texture of the homespuns and am super excited that I will be able to put this into my Little Gracie Frame when it's time -- which should make the quilting much more enjoyable.

So, let me know what YOU think....


Vicki W said...

Well, you know I'm a scrappy type so I am immediately drawn to the first one. But after consideration I also like the second one. But what about turning those squares into snowball blocks and embroidering something in greens and blues (instead of white) inside the blocks? Or you could quilt the whole thing in tree motifs in blue thread and that would run into the white blocks. Just some off the top of my head ideas.

PikachuHater said...

i think the first one is better. i dont like it seperated :/

Teresa said...

Personally I like the first one better. If the second were set with a blue or a suble plaid or stripe or something I would probably like it better. I find my eye going to the white blocks rather than the plaid. BUT, if you like it better I like vicki's suggestion of using a colored floss on the white blocks. Maybe both. Quilt one direction in blue and the other in green straight across the quilt for a secondary plaid of sorts. Can't wait to see what you do.

Shelley in Idaho said...

I'm voting for #1 layout. Everyone else has great ideas for the finishing touches!

paulahewitt said...

I like the first one too. The second would look great as an Irish chain (or the snowball blocks Vicki suggested)- toherwise the white blocks are a bit stark i think

Michelle said...

I adore the first one with all the blocks! It's wonderful!!! If you choose to alternate I would suggest quilting your motif in blue or green so that there is something to look at it the white blocks, otherwise they seem to take over, but I LOVE the first one!! muy bueno!

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hey girlie
i love all the nine patches together-the white takes away from the color-just my humble opinon
enjoy your day

GraceBeading said...

Hiya... the first one gets my vote. I know nothing abut quilting or sewing, but I do know my eye was immediately drawn to the first one.

I can hardly wait to see what you do with it!

Brandy B. Wine said...

I join everyone else in liking the the first one best. I too think the white is too stark but, if you want to keep it a colored thread would look best to bring the whole thing together.

How about a textured solid in colors similar to the plaids?

Thanks for stopping by my little blog and all your wonderful comments. Please do link to me I would like that very much. I will be back soon.

Karol-Ann said...

I think that if you didn't use stark white blocks the 2nd would work well. Using coloured solid blocks like Brandy suggested would look good. Maybe setting it on point and then only having the filler triangles the solid (or white) parts?

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I like the look of the first one, but the thought of matching all those seams on a queen-size quilt gives me a headache! I made a queen-size nine patch by setting the blocks on point in an X-formation- see the beige quilt in You could also separate them with sashing as in, just set them on point as in When you decide how to set them, let us know. An overall with pines, leaves, ferns, etc. would be gorgeous.

Pursuing Art... said...

I like them both...they both have a country home feel to them!!!

However, my eye is drawn to the first one also. Were you going to put strips between them or just stitch the nine-patch blocks together? I think Vicki's idea of turning the white blocks into snowball blocks is a great idea too. I have to agree with Teresa, my eye is also drawn to the white blocks rather than the plaid. But if you like the white, perhaps to go with a room you have in mind, I think a colored thread would bring the blocks together!

I do know that whatever you choose will be lovely and I'll look forward to seeing what you do!!!

~Lisa ;-)

Leah Day said...


I just found your blog, and I'm in NC too!

I really like the first layout, but I have an idea for the second. Rather than use white blocks, why not black?

I use more black in my quilts than any other color - so much so that I bought a whole bolt of black from Mary Jo's.

It works for just about everything and does not stand out as sharply as white.

You could stick with the second layout or use black sashing in 4" strips to separate the blue blocks.

No matter what you do it'll look great because the blue squares are really nice.

Off to quilt,

She sure is strange! said...

Not much help here, I love them both! The second one is very modern with the white setting squares but the first one has more of a fun feel to it.

Found your blog through your comment to Spirit Cloth, very nice!

My parents live near Burnsville, NC. One of these days we'll live near them, I hope!


jan in nagasaki said...

i think that all together they look really rustic and warm... kind of old looking already and worn and loved. Separated by the white gives it cool and crisp and something you might treat as "fragile" and "precious" ....if it's for tossing on the back of the couch and cuddling with I would go with the rustic and if it's a wedding present or a bed spread then maybe with the white..

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