Sunday, December 28, 2008


Like I do every year - I've been rummaging through, sorting out, purging, reorganizing, evaluating, touching and thinking.
Sunday it was my office, yesterday our studio and today my bedroom closets and drawers.

Also - with the countdown to the New Year, I'm hard at work reorganizing, redecorating, reworking, cleaning up and clearing out Clevelandgirlie.

Some changes are coming to my little corner of the cyberworld as I prepare for and look forward to stitching and painting my way through 2009 -- with YOU!!! I'm taking these last few days of 2008 to finish up (and ride my new bike!!) and will be back on line by January 2nd with a bit of a new look AND......

GIVEAWAY surprise to start the New Year off on the right.

So - What are YOU planning to do differently in 2009? Hmmmmm? Enjoy these last few days of 2008.
Make them COUNT!


P.S. Oh, and Thank You Santa! Gizmo and I are sooooo happy.


Mary said...

Hi Cathie! I'm cleaning out around here too. It's amazing the crap that I have saved (like the extra fabric from EVERY curtain I've made in the last 11 years!!!) I'm so glad Santa gave you the bike you wanted! Have a Happy New Year!

Patchwork Penguin said...

I hope to make the most of every minute whatever I am doing and to make sure everyone in my life knows how valuable they are. How's that for lofty asperations.


3rdEyeMuse said...

that's a great looking bike you got from Santy! hope you have many, many hours of sheer pleasure riding it. :)

as for 2009 ... I have actually started lists and have been sort of contemplating 2008 ... brain's in a bit of a jumble, but feels like the air is suddenly ... cleaner, fresh actually. :)

Wurzerl said...

Dear Cathie, I wish a great Happy New Year to you and your family. I have a wonderful garden book to write 2009 my ideas in it, I have a lot of inspirations because it 's a lovely garden book (thank you so much!). Cathie next year I will have the chance to make an exhibition with my own photographs, isn 't it great?! This is what I 'm planning to do well in 2009.
Love Wurzerl

jude said...

i think i am resting up for the new one.

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh Cathie...looks like Santa was 'GOOD' to you!!! How exciting and a red one too! Love both pictures of Gizmo in the drivers seat of the Jeep! You have the Jeep that my husband has been drooling over! ;-)

Doing differently in 2009...not over extending myself and playing around a bit more!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year full of joy, peace, and creativity...xo~Lisa ;-)

MOLLY said...

Alrightythen, C--Can't wait to see the changes, but don't "change" too much as we love you just like you are! Best wishes for the new year---RIDE< RIDE< RIDE!

Teresa said...

Ya you got your bike. How exciting. I had an awesome Christmas and as soon as I get all the extra people out of my house I plan to get back to the blog. Happy New Year.

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

Well I see Santa was good to you! Good girl!
Oh, and I have one in dark red...four wheels, not two! I would bust it big time!

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hey girlie
like you i am going to 'purge' all i can get my hands on around here!!
god can i collect junk!
today is the living room closet and then the linen closet....
and just where does that silly little corgie think he's off to??
tell him its a right out of the driveway and take I-84 straight to ct :)
how was your trip? beautiful i bet!!
x's & o's

Penny A said...

yay, you! glad you got your bike :-) i hope you enjoy LOTS of ride time (great for meditating on new artful endeavors).

looking forward to seeing you and the girl!

- p

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