Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sew Much Sewing..... Sew Little Time....

I have been up to my ears in the studio the last week or so. I get up early, stay up late and I'm STILL NOT DONE! One more thing to complete, and a few finishing touches to two others and THEN I'll be done. Pictures not posted - for obvious reasons!!

This morning we're heading out early 6:45 a.m. for Sabrina's favorite traditional IHOP Christmas shopping breakfast, then it's off to Wallmart, Harris Teeter, Harbor Freight, Michael's, JoAnn's and Jerry's Artarama. I hope to be back home before noon.

I'm usually takin' 'er easy by the last week before Christmas -- everything bought, wrapped, hung, cleaned, etc. But this year for some reason - I'm still going. NOT happy.

Are YOU ready?


Mary said...

I am so not ready! I haven't wrapped anything or cleaned! I have to say that (sadly) I don't feel all stressed this year because of everything I'm making, but rather - I'm stressed because of all the things I WANTED to make but didn't have time to make. I'm really sad about that. I think that's why I haven't wrapped anything. I don't really feel Christmas-sy this year! I usually make a gift for everyone and this year NOTHING! Sad. Christmas should be about the making and less about the buying, but for me this year it was all about the buying.

Teresa said...

Ummmmm, nope, not ready. Hope to be pretty much done today though.
I hope you had a great day yesterday and got a lot done.

jude said...

i have cut the holiday back to one gift for one person every year. and i just about made it...!!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

worse than not ready ... not really even started ... uh, oops.

MOLLY said...

It's over so I guess I was ready! LOL Sounds like you outdid yourself--Hope you are resting now and anticipating a little Christmas Cheer. I still have not made a mouse pincushion!! But I will get to it Happy New Year Girlie!

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