Saturday, August 29, 2009

Desert Moonrise...

In the new Quilting Arts this month there is an article entitled, "Creating with Silk - Painted & Beaded Trees by Betty Busby. I loved one of the silk paintings she did and decided to try something similar.

Because I don't have any sheer white silk, I did my painting on sheer white muslin and painted with watered down acrylic paint. My focus on this piece was to try a new stitching technique.

Instead of threadpainting and following the contours of the elements in the picture which is what I typically do in my Neocolor pieces, most of my stitching was done with a horizontal orientation - to create strata in the earth and the mountains and layers in the sky. I used a very light stabilizer to back this to avoid puckering while stitching. I will now apply a piece of batik fabric to the back to finish it off.  Not sure what I'm going to make with it yet.  But it will make a nice textile for some use.

With the duration of girl's weekend coming to a close, after church, Sabrina and I are both spending the remainder of the weekend in the studio. She, organizing and packing up her art supplies for her classes next week, and I plan on doing some more painting from some of my "own" photographs this time. I want to try this again. I learned so much from my first go at it.

I do believe I felt a taste of Autumn in the air this morning when I let the corgis out at 6:00 a.m. Not as humid and a bit of breeze. North Carolina weather says it's only going up to about 69 tomorrow.

Come on Fall - I am soooo ready!!

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