Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dang! Where Does the Time Go?

Okay - where did the summer go? Where did August go? Where did last week go? Where did today go? I always thought that as my kids got older, things would "slow" down a bit around here - at least for me. I couldn't imagine when Sabrina was a baby and Sal was 6 that life could be any more hectic than having two kids, working a 40 -50 hour a week job at a law firm 25 miles away, going to school part time and being President of the PTA. Life was busy those days, but not "complicated." Now my life is busy AND complicated. HOW THE HECK DID THAT HAPPEN????

It was over a week ago that I started pinning that little baby quilt.
I finally got it under the needle yesterday and finished the quilting. I did a wavy pattern in all of the white blocks (big and small) and stitched in the ditch the nine patches and throughout the entire quilt.

I am so in love with the colors in this quilt and am glad I made enough blocks to do a queen size quilt. The binding's all pinned on and I plan on hand stitching it tonight while I'm watching the news. I had a little trouble with my tension last night :( I switched to Bottom Line bobbin thread by Superior and forgot to play around with the tension settings. Nasty little thread bundles on the back had to be ripped out. All is right with the world now - as I found the perfect setting and the little stitches are as neat and tidy as can be!

On another front - I bought two pair of awesome jeans a long time ago (well over a year ago) that I never got around to hemming because I bought them too tight and they um, remained too tight. I dug them out last week, tried them on, zipped them up and they are seriously tooo big! THANKS P90X.

So I got out my scissors and pins and with a little help from Gizmo (and Sabrina) I got them all pinned for hemming and taking in. Sabrina clearly has her eye on the skull pocket jeans. I buy petite jeans and STILL have to cut this much off the bottom. If I were only 2, no make that 4, no, no - make that 6 inches taller - I'd be normal size.
Oh well - my mom always told me, "Good things come in little packages." Oh and then there's the one my Grandma Wanda used to tell me (which is one I use on Sabrina), "Nice boys like short girls."
With Gizmo by my side I will finish up this little quilt, stitch the hem in these three pairs of pants, clean up the studio and get ready to finish Sabrina's TOTE from "you know where." Never in my life have I ever seen a tote bag with so many zippers, velcro, toggles, magnetic closures, little secret pockets - eeeeeeeeek. I've been sewing and ripping out, sewing and ripping out, sewing and ripping out the seams on this thing for what seems like forever. But when I'm done - it will be perfect (or as perfect as I am capable of at this point in my sewing career.)

It is now time for dinner. I've been cooking an amazing pot of sauce ALL DAY and intend on submerging some delicious little meat raviolis in it for dinner with a salad. I haven't eaten any solid food all day - just two protein shakes and I am famished. Enjoy the day.

P.S. I LOVE YOU GIZMO! You melt my heart.


Lynn said...

ohmygod i am exhausted reading this post...tired out from finishing the quilt with you..it is so pretty the baby will love it for years...and the jeans so cute...fun to find them too big not too tight any more good for you...doing something very right.
Have fun wearing them. Life is good!

katie jane said...

BIG congrats on your weight loss!
I'm so happy for you.

I know what you mean about being busy. I thought my life would slow down now that I'm older. HA! I only work 6-7 hours a day and I can't imagine how anyone who works a full work week can get anything else done. I'm busy all the time, but I'm grateful to have that little bit of extra time in the afternoon for errands and such.

Can't wait to see the fininshed quilt.

Mary said...

I really love that quilt - Love the colors and the block layout.

Talking Horses Arts said...

Wow...have no words..lol..
It seems the older we get the more complicated life gets? Thought that was just me...i am glad and sorry to hear its not just me..lol
Take care of yourself Girlie!!.

nzeller said...

Awwhh! Gizmo's a sweetie! Congrats on the weight loss and so understand the tension issues. Crazy.


Such an adorable post! So nice to see you're stitching on the quilts Cathie. Even nicer to see GIZMO helping!!!

Congratulations on the jeans thing. That's absolutely wonderful. You must be really encouraged. But only two shakes? How can a girl survive on that? ;o)

I am posting your awesome leaf project very soon. Autumn is approaching and I have been saving it just until the leaves turn a little browner here, but it won't be long before I show the world your wonderful beautiful work and all the other treasures you were so generous to bestow on me!

I have been enjoying the teabags. So far, I have loved them all - thank you :o)

Well, betta go and do some sewing myself. I have actually been creating again!

Bye for now
Hugs from your blog buddy

~Babs said...

Tension,,ripping,,,adjusting,,ripping. Precisely why I gave up sewing.Machines make me crazy(er).
Big kudos on having to smaller those jeans to fit!
I love cobalt,,,and that quilt is gonna be awesome!
A busy life is a fullfilled one,,if I get any fuller I'll run over, same as you!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Cathie, I so agree, life is busy and complicated! Plus, the older I get the faster time passes. Bye for now. Lesley

Reflections of life and art said...

Congratulations on your weight loss but may I ask what is P90X....a miracle in a bottle?...whatever I need some!!!

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