Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm So Disgusted.....

with the world today -- and that is sad. I have always been an eternal optimist. I've always lived my life (thanks to my Mom's gentle wisdom) knowing that there is always a bright side, the cup is never half empty, it's always DARKEST before the DAWN. I truly believe that. I have raised my kids to believe that. My mother always told me something else that has stuck with me and I find particularly pertinent today - "you ARE the company you keep." An ideal that has served me well.

Working in the legal field for most of my adult life, spending five years at North Carolina State University and then working for a short stint as a high school teacher - I learned (sometimes the hard way) to keep my political opinions to myself - not an easy task for someone who can be as brutally honest and outspoken as me. But it is becoming increasingly more difficult (almost impossible for me) to hold my tongue any longer as I just can NOT believe what is going with "our" Government.

Let me say right off the bat - I am an conservative leaning INDEPENDENT voter, and as an independent - I am disgusted with what is going on in Washington. I don't know about you - but I feel as though I am living in a fog.

My family's breakfast/dinner table - instead of being a place of warm, reflective conversation - lately has turned into a place where we all (kids included) discuss the politics of being an "American," as we each share our, "Can you believe?" "Did you hear?" "Are they actually going to...?" stories, as every day it seems that we are presented with yet another unbelievable scenario of how life, as we know it - is being mandated to change.

"Change." I used to appreciate the word "change," for while it not always meant change for the better - it typically represented movement - to a better place. And even I will admit that earlier in the year (for a brief, very brief period of time) hearing the word "change" actually gave me hope for that movement - to an even better place (as I was NOT unhappy with the place I was in.) But over the last ten months - the overly touted and now, in my opinion "tainted" word "change," has taken on a whole new meaning. One I don't care for one bit.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. But as a family of proud Americans, here in the Recca house, we have all been discussing what's been going on with our country and even Sabrina is asking, "what can we do about this?"

First and foremost - I tell her to remain informed. And keeping informed does NOT mean engaging or listening only to those that you agree with - but also listening carefully to those you do not agree with. I've also told her that we are now going to start voting in ALL local elections - something which I have never consistently done. Whether it's for school board officials, local city, county government, etc. - it is important we start at the bottom of the pyramid and work up - for is is the BOTTOM of the pyramid - is what "supports" the top.

And finally, we need to get INVOLVED. At this point, I'm not really sure where we are going to get involved - but WE ARE GOING TO GET INVOLVED. I'm in the process of researching appropriate political causes/issues that she and I can get involved in - together. It is important that we teach our children that "change" doesn't just happen - it is created. If you don't like the direction that things are moving - it is YOUR responsibility to do something about it. It's time to take our country back and take control of our destiny.

Now ....... go paint or sew something and think about what YOU can do to create the CHANGE that YOU desire....



Hello :o)

I'm not entirely sure to what problems you are referring, but action is always a positive step in the right direction

Mary said...


Nikki said...

Thank you for encouraging people to get informed and get involved. So many discussions seem closed to differing opinions. Nothing frustrates me more than people who wont look at both sides of the coin.

Judy Alexander said...

Brave post Cathie. I have the same leanings. It seems in some ways we are turning into a county that has an entitlement attitude instead of you need to earn it attitude. I remember my parents teaching me I had to have a strong work ethic...

Rhondi said...

I agree with you. We are in a mess here that's for sure!
I'm glad I can escape to my quilting!
Hugs, Rhondi

katie jane said...

Finally someone besides me has the fortitude to stand up and say the right thing!! I agree, SOMETHING has to be done before this ship sinks! I think you are on the right track; voting is the way to go and that is where we dropped the ball in the first place. Let's stick together and make something happen. Thank you for this post!

Dotti said...

Whoa....when I first started reading your post today, I did it with trepidation expecting another idiotic senseless attack against the down home conservative values and common sense that used to be the norm no matter what party anyone belonged to. There is a huge group organizing to help coordinate the fight...it is free...it's called As A Mom. Within this large .ning group are sub-groups for each State. These state groups will keep you informed on what (such as tea parties) (who is running for what and how do they lean) may be going on in your area. This .ning group is a good tool. They started 2 weeks ago and now have over 40,00 members and are growing. Go to:
http://www.asamom.org to join
Hugs, Dotti

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I have somewhat different values than you but I do agree that we must be involved and stay involved. Change came about because of major distrust and dislike of the prior Washington and as long as we continue to be involved, hopefully we remember that we have a voice and are not helpless victims; we have power.

Clevelandgirlie said...

I'm so glad you all feel comfortable in responding here. THAT is the key. We do have different ideas, morals, values - and we should not allow ourselves to be intimidated.
We must do our research, voice our opinions and take action. We DO have the power!

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