Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today has been ONE of "those" days...

...that I just can't concentrate on any one thing. It is, after all - the perfect day to get stuff accomplished. I had appointments today - which were both cancelled, I have the house to myself and a million things on the back burner that really need some attention. Focus. Focus. Where is my focus??? What a nice view I have. Focus.....

After a wonderful conversation on the phone this morning - my buddy Mary, (White Clover Stitches) who can do just about anything with needle, thread, beads, yarn, you name it - sent me a pattern for socks after arising at the conclusion that the pattern I got out of my book titled, "Oh so Easy Knits!' - wasn't, um - oh so easy after all. I do hope to report progress on these socks soon.

I do want to make one last comment on the topic of knitting before I show you my experiments from today - FIVE NEEDLES - 5 NEEDLES??? WHO THE HECK DECIDED THAT SOCKS SHOULD BE KNIT WITH 5 FREAKING NEEDLES??? IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE?
I did start painting, stitching and melting some foundations for my Christmas gift tags, cards, etc. I always enjoy doing the legwork for those kinds of projects. Just getting handling the paints, fancy fabrics and fibers, etc. makes me happy. Just what I needed after such a frustrating morning!

These first few are tyvek that I painted with Lumiere and heated up for texture. The purple one came out so cool.

Then I gathered some old stuff, new stuff, colored stuff into groups like my friend Carolyn does - for inspiration

Looking at Carolyn's little collections always inspire me. So I thought, what if I do that myself with my own stuff? I'll let you know how it turns out!!

Laugh as much as you breathe and
love as long as you live.



OK, so my first thoughts are:

Hasn't my friend got tiny feet
Fluffy socks
What's on the screen
What's in the cup
A better look at that view
Green socks - for Gizmo?
Five needles?
No way
Love the purple
Need a better look
Oh yes, lovely textures
Love the pinks/hearts too
Will email inspiration thoughts


Teresa C said...

Seriously, the five needle thing is easy once you get it started. Remember, you are only knitting off of one needle and onto another at any one time. See? Two needles. The others are just hangin' out.

Good Luck!

Mary said...

Hey! It was so nice talking to you on the phone. I didn't hear back from you - does that mean you are knitting away on those socks?

Clevelandgirlie said...

Carolyn: My Bezzy Mate - Yes I have tiny feet; Knitting for Beginners DVD is on the screen; Green Tea is in my "favorite" cup; the green is not the sock yarn - it's the practice yarn; and those chubby white needles (only 2) are my "teaching needles" lol! (Gizmo hates the color green for footwear! He prefers neutrals)

Teresa: you must be wondering..."she still hasn't learned to knit socks!!! This goes back a while - doesn't it!

Mary: It took me hours to get those pages to print larger than thumnail - but they are printed and on my desk. SUNDAY is knitday now! I'll be calling you. You're gonna be sorry you gave me your number :<)


ps. I am worn out just reading your P90X plan ;o)

~Babs said...

Very interesting post, Cathie, even though I know nothing at all about knitting!
I noticed the Twilight movie in your sidebar. I finished the last book of the series a few weeks ago. Did you love the movie?

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Life's like that sometimes Cathie, don't you think? Sock knitting lol - when are you going to start? Bye for now. Lesley

Lynda said...

just came apon your site. love your work, especally the melted work..which l also enjoy doing.. and l too don't understand why u need that many needles to knit a sock!!!!!lynda

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