Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Love Christmas Cookies...

and I love making things for people I love.

I've completed four nice projects - one quilting, on knitting, one painting and quilting, and one just painting and mixed media - but guess what!!! I can't show them to you because they are gifts for people who frequent my blog! :( I really want to share them becuase the painted/quilted one came out so cool - but it would spoil the surprise.

Alsa, all is not lost. I do have a present just for "YOU!"
I have a few Christmas surprises to give away to my bloggy friends any day now - so keep checking back. I'm just finalizing the details.

Only 15 days until Christmas!!!


Deborah said...

I really like your banner! Is it new or did I just notice?

sukipoet said...

sabrina is a doll and all dolled up for Christmas too. Have fun with all you are making. Suki

~Babs said...

(smile) that must be a young Sabrina,,very beautiful!
You've been a very busy girl,,playing Santa's helper and creating gifts.
Such a fun time of year,,,


Love your photo Cathie. She is a little Christmas cutie!

Will email later ...

Lotsa love

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