Monday, April 26, 2010

Modern Quilt Monday!!!

My Janome has been in the shop for the past week.  I've had it for over two years and have never had it serviced.
I clean it all the time - but it was starting to squeak, and act silly so off it went to Quilts Like Crazy (a Janome certified service center and quilt shop extraordinaire) in Wake Forest for a little pampering and R&R.

To get me by - I dusted  off my not so old standby - a little Brother machine that works like a peach  for piecing and garment sewing.  A cute little machine that eventually will be going off to college with Sabrina in a few years. 

Modern Quilt Monday(s) - begin TODAY. First order of business - I added to my stash to incorporate some bold, bright colors and prints.  Everything got washed, pressed and neatly folded ready to be incorporated into the already existing stash.

Second order of business - I joined a local guild that focuses on modern color schemes and technique.  I am so happy I found this group.  The Modern Quilt Movement (incorporating  Improvisational Quilting) is taking the quilting industry by storm.  Fabric lines, patterns and techniques specifically adapted to this bold and colorful  art form are popping up all over.

Tonight - I've got to figure out my color scheme for my first mod quilt.  I can't decide if I want to do white with blues, greens and purples, or white with reds/pinks, oranges and yellows.

For now  - I'm just really happy sitting here sipping my St. Ives Tea,  looking at all of these beautiful colors, contemplating design - and enjoying the fact that Gizmo has taken it upon himself to keep my feet warm!!

What a guy!


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love those fabrics Cathie, all of them - and doesn't Gizmo look cute and 'right as rain' now he's recovered from his ordeal. Lesley x

Mary said...

love all of those bright fabrics

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hi C! I'm sure whatever palate you pick will be gorgeous! I just got a quilt pattern to make a large Union Jack throw for my daughter to take to college this Fall. Hopefully, I'll be chronicling it on my blog!


Beautiful colours Cathie ... I'd go with the cooling whites/blues for summer and do the warm colours next for Indian Summer time/early autumn. You couldn't lend me Gizmo could you, my feet are freezing! xx

Lynn said...

Nothing quite as refreshing as a just cleaned up/maintained by the shop people sewing machine to give you confidence for diving into that pile of yummy color! Have fun.
Is your daughter studying art in college, if not will she have time to sew? Never heard of taking a sewing machine to college. Good for her.

Pursuing Art... said...

Beautiful fabrics! I know whatever you choose will be lovely! Oh, sweet Gizmo, anxious to hear how he has been doing! Funny, I have the same little Brother sewing machine! :)

Give Gizmo and Toby a long overdue love from me!!! XOX

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