Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Go to Pieces.....

I bought some gorgeous Kaffe Fassett 1/2 yards at my local haunt, Wish Upon a Quilt.  I've decided I'm finally going to make myself a quilt.  I love these colors and I think I'm going to do some kind of sampler quilt using Kaffe's blues and a nice crips white on white tonal. I'm still picking out patterns for this.  It will be in the planning stage for a while I suspect.
For now - I'm taking myself back to basics.  I've decided to get out my books and teach myself to "piece."  I've always admired well-done, accurate piecing - the beauty of how all of those tiny pieces fit together, intersecting so perfectly and the skill of the quilter who is capable of accomplishing that.  I've tried a few times - piecing (if that's what you could call it!) - but not with much success.  I've decided that I want to learn to do it and do it well.  Like everything else - accurate piecing takes practice.  
I've picked out a country wall hanging that I'm going to make as a present for my husband's sister that is not especially difficult - just a few pieced blocks and some applique' (which I also don't know how to do especially well) and I'm going to give it a go.  This is  of the pattern I got out of Quiltmaker Magazine.   I've started making some of the blocks - using fabrics from the Moda Portobella Market Collection, which I think will go nicely with her country decor.    So far so good.  Not perfect, but not too bad.   

I'm now working on the butterfly/flower block which I've trashed twice.  Hopefully this time I'll be happy with it.  I've saved the hardes block (the bunny/flower) block for last.  I hope my bunny doesn't end up looking like a corgi! 
What are YOU working on?? A new technique? A new pattern? A beading project? Mixed Media?  Do tell....


Jasmine said...

Good luck with the piecing. You must show us how you are getting on.

I'm working on felt ut trying to get etter at resists and I have also started nuno felting which i love, but frustratingly, ran out of silk... My order should arrive soon.

So much diversity in textiles, always something new to learn :)

Mary said...

Your piecing looks great to me. I noticed that there is a pinwheel block in the upper left corner...ugh. I love that block but I hate making them - all those seams coming together in the center. NOT my favorite thing. I like the quilt you are making though. She should love it.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'm glad you are finding time to make something for yourself! I learned to quilt by hand piecing & hand quilting and find I do a much better job than by machine!

Right now I am working on french beaded 60 flowers for a wedding.

Stop by my blog--I'm having a giveaway as part of the One World, One Heart project!

Joei Rhode Island said...

A beautiful quilt...and your piecing looks good to me.
I'm still working on my quilt...almost done with the flower blocks...time to start the leaf green edges. Doing too much dyeing and not enough felting. LOL

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Well that's a lovely quilt to make - I adore quilts, despite not being someone who sews - and have a lovely one on my bed, the first my mum ever made. Good luck Cathie. Won't it be hard to give it away though? Best wishes, Lesley

~Babs said...

Oh I love quilts. Of course I don't do them,,but have 3 that my Grandmother did. All pieced by HAND.
Will love seeing yours. And if the bunny looks like a corgi, so be it,,,Gizmo will adore it.


Good luck with the fiddly piecing ... it's not my "bag" but, like you, I admire the artists that can achieve perfection in this art. Knowing you, you will work very hard to achieve your goals

I'm working on too many things to mention and running out of time ...

Carolyn ♥

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Just posting to let you know I have a blog award waiting for you on my blog. Your blog is such fun and always lights up my day! Debbie

parisdreamtime said...

Something went wrong, with my comment and it vanished, hoppla arrrg.
Just wanted to say that I love your technical work here AND the pattern. You are such a patient artist, I could never do that! It looks so complicated.
I'm working on my watercolor technique, with bigger formats. And I will re-work my textile work of the ancestor masks soon (you remember those wall hangings) cause they'll be exhibited here in Paris in March, so that allows me to go back to textile a bit, which I love too.
Have a great weekend, dear Cathie, and say hello to the rest of the family plus doggies:)
love from Paris, it's cold here


Such lovely eye candy!!! Love your work! ..... what I am working on now.... would you believe a Halloween quilt? I am machine quilting it for a customer, using some metalic gold thread and some glow in the dark threads for ghosts. I would rather be doing something for myself, but will soon!!!

Pursuing Art... said...

Gorgeous Kaffe fabric! That is great that you are making yourself a quilt and teaching yourself to piece well...good for you!

That is a darling wall hanging. The fabric you chose for it is great. I know you will do a beautiful job and that your SIL will LOVE it! What a treasure it is going to be.

The butterfly and bunny are SO cute...don't give up...you can do it! The bunny won't turn out looking like a corgi, silly, the ears aren't the same! LOL!!! ;-)

XOXO ~me

P.S. Beading, beading and more beading! :)

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