Saturday, February 13, 2010

All Done & Shipped Out...

Garden Journal and Bird Journal are all finished and have been shipped out to Anne.  I do hope she likes them. 
I've previously worked with threadpainting over Neocolor flowers with measured success.

But  I really enjoyed making the little birds for this one.  I think I might make more.  I love the idea of transferring photographs to canvas and then threadpainting over top - endless possibilities!
It's been a hectic week.  Lots of things going on in and about the Recca household.  So busy in fact, I had no idea we were expecting snow.  Imagine my surprise when I awoke to this....   Thankfully the roads are clear as I have a ton of errands to run this afternoon. 
I'd really rather just finish the book I'm reading and watch movies all day!


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely work Cathie and, despite the snow, there's a sunshine award on my blog for you. Best wishes, Lesley

Joei Rhode Island said...

Generally, I like to sit by the window and watch outside when it looks like that. But sometimes riding around ...even if just for errands...brings some unexpected pleasure.
Lovely books. Especially like the flowers.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Those journals are great, and I especially like the pastel pages. Have not tried Neocolor wash on regular paper. Did you just let the colors run from page to page while they were wet?

Mary said...

those journals look great! Funny, I couldn't wait to get in my car and go out today - way way way too much TV and book reading this past week. Gained 5 lbs with the constant snacking! And guess what...they are calling for more snow on Monday into Tuesday!!!!

Lynn said...

These book covers and pages appear to be all fabric to me, no?
Very nicely it all.
Snowy scene pretty too.
Me, I've got sun and green grass!

Deborah said...

The journals are beautiful. So is the view of the snow through the windows.

libbyquilter said...

ooooooohhhh~!!~ with a view like that i think i might be tempted to just curl up with a good book or quilting project and a cup o f cocoa and snuggle deeply in~!!~


Pursuing Art... said...

Hi sweet girl,

Thank you for brightening my morning and your warm heart make me smile!!! XO

The journals are *BEAUTIFUL* and Anne is going to just *LOVE* them!!! The threadpainting turned out gorgeous too.

Oooo, beautiful sight out your window...wish we would wake up to some snow. I think winter is just about over's the El Nino affect happening this year. It is suppose to be 60 degrees this Thursday! Bulbs are sprouting up and my daylilies are already 6-7" high! I love spring's just coming on so early.

I hope you and your Valentine are having a special day!!! XOXO ~me


Hi Cathie, everything is so pretty. I love your snow and the peep at your dining room, such a lovely room. I adore your journals. Those pages are that lovely torquoise blue that you love so much! I'm sure the recipient will adore them you clever girl. Hope you are not to busy to enjoy that snow with your little buddies

Katiejane said...

Love your books. They somehow look so familiar.....
Yep, we got snow too. LOTS of it. I hope you're happy now! :) Our roads are not clear as it has been falling all day and will continue into the night. UGH!!!

Jasmine said...

Very beautiful Journals. You have a wonderful view from your window!

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