Sunday, March 21, 2010

Something in Hot Pink Maybe.....

Uggh.  I really need some new stuff.  I want to buy some white shorts and a hot pink top.  Or a cute little denim skirt and a flirty Bohemian blouse.  Something.  Anything.  As long as it has COLOR --lots and lots of color. I'm sick of wearing jeans and dark sweaters, heavy black leather motorcycle jackets, black leather boots.  So today to celebrate Spring - I liberated myself and tucked all my winter stuff away.  As for the bikini - a girl can dream can't she!? 
Slice Quilt/Fractuired Quilt - Spring has also made an appearance in the downstairs studio by virtue of some "Spring-esque" projects.  I dug out the Van Gogh Iris slice quilt.  The panels have been sewn together and now I'm trying to decide what to do next.   I don't think I want to "box it in," with a traditional border.  I've been entertaining the idea of   making iris petals and leaves to carry over and "out" of the quilt along the edges.  Deconstructed.  I've also been free motion quilting some the panels by the other artists - by way of adding the "black" outline to more of the iris flowers and details to leaves.  I can see this is going to be a long work in progress - but I must finish it by June 1st as I want to bring it to the June Cyberbee meeting.  I'm the last one to finish.  Everyone esle finished their quilts and they came out just beautiful.

Here's a tiny peek at a little blackbird I threadpainted for a special friend. I don't want to spoil the surprise as she hasn't received it yet - so I'll show the entire thing at a later date.

How did YOU celebrate Spring this weekend?  Did you stay inside and Spring Clean??  Or did you run outside and embrace Mother Nature?   Me - after I cleaned out my closet - I got down and dirty.  Got all the vegetables in the ground, the sunflowers planted and the corgis bathed. 

After a full day spent in the dirt - EVERYBODY needed a bath!

THIS is the face I got when I said the word, "bath!"


Mary said...

The idea of having the flowers extend the quilt edges sounds very cool. Can you come give Howard a bath now? He's afraid of water as you know so it's a bit tricky.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Yeah! Spring....I worked outside most of the day....and did a bike ride yesterday. My bike jacket is blue =-)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Bikini? oh my.. Never could wear one. LOL Friday and Saturday we spent the day outside. Today is got colder and rained. It was So beautiful the other two days we transplanted things and just enjoyed being outside. I cant believe you have put out your veggie garden already. We have to wait for May or things will freeze.
Love that Iris quilt & the peek at the thread painted birdie. I love that.


Wow - what a fabulous post Cathie ... loved it all ;o). Immediately, I thought I've gotta see that pink bikini closer, then I thought those irises remind me of the Van Gogh style and I love the idea of extending out 3D with the petals ... yes DO IT! Love the lil birdie ;o) whoever gets that is sure to LOVE IT. You amaze me with how much you cram in Cathie ;o). I will send email later when I get some "proper" time to myself to devote my whole and absolute attention to YOU. Have a lovely day dear bezzy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

libbyquilter said...

this past weekend was a bit springier but still lots of snow to melt and this a.m. we are getting some heavy wet snowfall . . . hopefully it will continue to melt as it hits the ground~!!!~ i'm so envious of your vegetable gardening start. like Cris, i'll have to wait a few weeks, even with the help of a cold frame, to dare any planting. meanwhile i'm still tucked inside (most of the time)working on various artsy stuff so as long as i don't look out the window, it's all good~!~


p.s. that teaser shot of the little black bird is yummy~!~ someone is going to be very lucky indeed~!!!~

Katiejane said...

It was overcast here, so I simply sat on my porch and read a book. Sometimes the best thing to do on your day off is nothing.

You've made your blog black again. I think I like it.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

The Van Gogh Iris quilt is absolutely wonderful, Cathie.

Glad that you're feeling full of the joys of Spring. In the UK we 'Spring Forward' next weekend and lose an hour's sleep into the bargain! Happily evenings' will be lighter for longer, though. Bye for now.


Mim said...

I love the idea of frayed, or deconstructed edges - sounds gorgeous.

Me...I cleaned also. Felt good. I got outside and played a bit but the cleaning was very therapeutic

Anonymous said...

just stumbled on your blog. Amazing. i sew and paint a little and have never even attempted stuff like this. i love your use of color and the unique way your combine painting and sewing. i'm just figuring out this blog thing and how it works. so glad your doggy turned out fine. he's so adorable.

Teresa said...

We celebrated the first day of spring with my niece's wedding and a blizzard. Several inches of very wet snow and high winds. We still had a beautiful day but would have loved to have had your weather.
Thanks for sharing your day.

Crafty Green Poet said...

We've been out and about walking in nature and listening to the birds sing their anthems to spring!

I wear a lot of black too, but I like to wear red as well. Good luck with finding some nice colours to wear for spring.

I love your Van Gogh project!

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi you...that skull bikini sure has Sabrina's name written all over it! Yep, we sure can dream can't we...I wish, don't think it's going to happen though...not even in my own backyard! LOL! :))

I just love the iris slice quilt and the quilting in black really makes those blue flowers pop beautifully! It is going to be stunning when you are done. I really like your idea of extending the leaves and petals off the edges...that would look fantastic.

I adore the sneak peek of the is darling! Your threadpainting is just so gorgeous.

Oh, I'm jealous! You are so lucky to have planted your vegatables and sunflowers already! We have to wait until May, although I'm curious if we won't be able to maybe plant a week or two earlier this year...which would be great...the sooner they are in the sooner we can enjoy! I have been dreaming about fresh tomaoes lately. ;-)

Love the picture of Gizmo! Glad to hear they were helping you out in the garden and having fun getting dirty...sounds like the perfect day! XOX ~Lisa

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