Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flowers Everywhere!

"Skitching" - sketching with stitch.  Did some experimenting with that last week. Soaked a piece of Kona muslin in water, "blopped" some various colors of gouache on here and there, let it dry and then "skitched" with black cotton thread.  Love these. 

Also paint-dyed some little pieces of muslin and then stamped music, french words and some nature textures with "stayz on." Not sure what is to become if these - if anything, but they sure are pretty.

Also worked a bunch in the yard this past week.  Got the vegetable garden and herb garden cleaned out and put in.  Now they've just got to grow!

Brina's on Spring Break this week so we are heading over to University of North Carolina School of the Arts where she will be attending  for a  month in the summer and taking their Visual Arts program. So excited for her. 

 It's a four week intensive study visual arts program and cello instruction - 3 college credits. She will be staying in the dorm during the week and then they go on all these cool trips on the weekends - white water rafting, museum visiting, all kinds of fun places. 


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Cathie, the 'skitching' sounds fun and looks good.

I love the photos of your garden and the tree laden with blossom - beautiful. Weather here is wet and windy at the moment! Bye for now, Lesley

Mary said...

Love your stitch sketching! And if your daughter needs a chaperon - I'm available! :O)


All lovely esp. the tree and its beautiful branches. Wish Sabrina good luck and loads of best wishes

Chat soon hun xx

ACey said...

The arts program sounds marvelous! Made me nostalgic about my son spending his junior year of high school in Italy. I think I enjoyed reading about his field trips almost as much as he liked taking them!

Deborah said...

The results of the skitching look great! Looks like fun.

Katiejane said...

Sounds like things are really hopping around your place! Love your painted flowers. Don't you just love getting outside to work in the yard?

Pursuing Art... said...

I meant to say how much I love the new header in my last's beautiful and sings spring! Your skitching on your other piecs are lovely and I know you'll find a good use for them.

Love the tree in's gorgeous! Loved that you shared shots of your garden and glad to hear you got the herbs in too. Nice pampas grass! ;-)

Happy Spring Break Sabrina! The Visual Arts program sounds fantastic. How exciting...she is going to have so much fun! Hope you are having a fun and safe week. XOX ~Lisa

P.S. Love..Love those Converse tennies!!! ;-)

libbyquilter said...

oh my~!!~ i'm so jealous of the fact that you can plant a garden already~!!~ we still have intermittant snow showers and they can be expected to continue throughout april and possibly may . . . my high desert climate can be frustrating for gardeners, to say the least.

on the other hand, i have a great excuse to stay inside and try out the skitching idea . . .


Ophelia said...

Your blog is soooo inspiring!! Truly it is. I also love your studio.

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