Monday, March 8, 2010

Two Different Kinds of "Stitches..."

While sitting with Gizmo the few days he was in dire straights - I found it hard to read or watch tv. Instead, I worked on the applique blocks for the wall hanging I've been playing around with.  I found the repetition of the stitching (without having to put too much thought into it) calming and very "zen" like.  I got the entire thing  pieced together (even the borders) and now I'm going to work on doing some serious embellishing with fibers and floss - maybe a few beads. 

                                                                      There's a little rabbit that goes on the bottom. I've cut him out of wool flannel and I'm going to blanket stitch him down.  I've never really worked on a "traditional" piece like this before - it's really kind of fun. 
I had so many things "in the works" when Gizmo got sick and time just stopped.  It is nice to be finishing up some things that I've promised out.

Here's an "initial" bag that I made for Sal's sweet little girlfriend, Lindsay.  She picked out the fabrics and asked if I could make it with her initial "L" on it.  I made a little pocket inside for her phone and camera.  It came out cute. 
On thing Gizmo's recent "mishap"  reminded me of - was the importance of PATIENCE. 

 Those who know me know I'm not a very patient person when it comes to accomplishing things.  I begin tasks with one thing in mind - to get them DONE.  Sadly,  I find that holds true even in my stitching - and while I have such a high regard and admiration for "slow cloth" - doing anything "slowly" used to just about KILL ME. But the last few weeks have demanded me to slow down and "wait."  And you know what.... it didn't kill me.  

 It has been nice slowing down and taking my time with these projects - remembering that the joy of things is found in the JOURNEY and not just in the DESTINATION. 

So let's just sit back and enjoy the ride.

UPDATE: Gizmo has returned to his blanket -
in my studio - right by my side. He gets his tummy staples out next Monday. 


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Ah, Gizmo seems to be recuperating nicely! He looks so comfy on his blanket.

The quilt is so pretty; it looks so Spring-like!

Lynn said...

Very pretty work...

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

This is beautiful and I love your new header. I am so glad you updated Gizmos condition. So glad it turned out for the good. On a side note, we have a huge tree with those same balls he swallowed. Tons of them. They stick on Annies fur. I am going to be very sure I get them out before letting her in from now on.

Mary said...

I'm glad Gizmo is feeling better. That bag is cute and your quilt is coming along so nicely.

Dotti said...

Thanks for the update Cathy...looks like you and Gizmo are coming along well...and all in due time! Hey, Girl, I love your new blog banner...are those some of your Neocolor II thread paintings! It shouts spring! Healing thoughts are being sent your way!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Those are both really cute projects! glad your doggie is on the mend.

Katiejane said...

Your quilt is so pretty. I am a lot like you, in that I am a fast worker and a "git r done" kind of person. That is why I am not good at quilting. Takes too long! Sorry, but I am too old to try to slow down now.

libbyquilter said...

it's good to see that Gizmo is feeling better and that you were able to look at the bright side of slowing down a bit . . . it really can be so very hard to do~!!~ i have been personally slowed down by multiple sclerosis and have really had some frustrating and angry feelings about what it's taken away from me in terms of productivity. as i continue to explore my feelings and my art i realize that the ms has also given me a whole new thought process regarding how and why i create at all . . .

i've been thinking, reading and posting about this ongoing process within my own blog . . . one of my commentors suggested the book "Walking on Water" by Madeleine L'Engle as yet another book to read regarding the process of art and it's relationship to the spiritual life. i was a bit hesitant when i started it due to the fact that i would not term myself as a "religious" person and at first glance it looks like heavy emphasis is put on that issue. i'm quite glad that i got over that enough to begin as there is LOTS to think about within the pages whether or not one considers themselves "christian"; in fact, for anyone who considers themselves "artist" i would recommend the book. it's been very interesting to think about the "zen" or "spiritual" side of creativity and how it relates to my own work.


Pursuing Art... said...

I love the wall hanging and the bunny is adorable! I look forward to watching it progress.

Lindsay's bag turned out fantastic. I'm sure she just loves it! I absolutely adore mine!!!

You make me laugh/smile again...I'm glad that slowing down and having to "wait" didn't kill you. Patience is a virtue. Not always easy...but true. You know that I believe that the joy of things is found in the journey and not just in the destination, sweet girl! I think you would have the perfect balance to have both types of art projects where you can get it done and one that you pick up and slowly enjoy working on.

Gizmo looks so cozy on his blanket! Glad the tummy staples are out and I hope all is healing well!

Big hugs...~me

P.S. Did I tell you recently how much I enjoy my needlecase again?! It is with me all the time and it always reminds me of you! I have broken more needles lately and I have frequented my needlecase a! XOX

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