Monday, June 27, 2011

Taking a Deep Breath....

THIS has become my new favorite place to sit in the morning. Our second floor porch off our bedroom looks to the West so it's sheltered from the blazing sun in the morning. The marsh is super active with hundreds of coastal birds, rabbits and other creatures all scampering about before the heat of the day. It's quite nice to sit and watch them.

The day started out hazy and  breezy.  I was anxious to go for the  drive from Nags Head down to Cape Hatteras.  I urged Blaise and/or Brina to come with me - but were busy doing other things and neither was thrilled at the notion of exploring with me.  Sal wasn't here this past weekend - otherwise I know he would have come with me.
Wasn't sure if it was going to rain or not as I walked along the quiet, deserted beach of the Cape Hatteras Seashore.  I love having the beach all to myself.  Most of the time - the beach looks just like this - deserted and peaceful.
As the morning progressed however, the haze cleared and the sun came out,

The sky turned bright blue and the waves really picked up. The ocean became very active - as did the wind. 
  Eventually, I decided to drive a little further down the shore and came upon the Town of Rodanthe. 
You may recognize this house as the setting for the movie, "Nights in Rodanthe"  (based upon the book by Nicholas Sparks.)  I was surprised to stumble upon it afew blocks from the ocean.  Because if you remember the book or the movie - the house sat directly on the ocean.  I found out after speaking to a local that this beautiful structure could no longer take the abuse of the Atlantic Ocean and a decision was made that it either had to be torn down - or moved away from the shoreline.  It was moved a few blocks from the coast.   Bittersweet.  

I travel over this amazing bridge to cross the Oregon Inlet which is our inlet leading from the Banks to the Ocean.  The view from the top of the bridge is one in a million and it is super windy up there - which I love.

It was a pleasant journey of solitude.  I had the top on the car down, my favorite satellite radio 80's station on and the natural beauty of  Outer Banks all to myself. Quite possibly - a perfect day. 


Lynn said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love the coast!

Katiejane said...

You should have called me! I'd have gone with you! This looks so gorgeous and I am just green with envy! It all looks so familiar to me and I am there with you in these photos.
I have never seen this house in person and I had heard that it fell down in one of the tornadoes. I'm so glad to see that it was moved and is still standing. "Rodanthe" is one of my favorite books/movies. (I have both!) Say hello to every shell for me!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Beautiful! Nothing like being on the coast. Much as I love the mountains, the beach really restores my soul.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Glad that you enjoyed such a lovely day Cathie - in the sun and beside the sea. x


So wonderful to share your day and see a little of your new neighbourhood. The beach photos are quite stunning and I can see why you love it so. I would too!!! Oh ... and yes ... I would have joined you exploring ... what fun we would have had!!

I haven't seen "Nights in Rodanthe" so I will have to add it to the list of things to watch

Have so much fun bezzy xoxo

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