Thursday, December 29, 2011

With 2012 Fast Approaching....

I find myself reflecting
 on what was the
second most difficult year
of my life. 

It was full of sadness, emptiness, trials, tribulations, worries and a few wonders - each of which left me older, wiser and more aware of how precious every moment of every day is.

It is with this knowledge that I am going to rush forth into the New Year with a fresh perspective on life - no longer dwelling on what could be, what should be, or what isn't.

Instead, I'm going to
take a deep breath,
close my eyes,  and
run directly into the wind. 

I may or may not go it alone.
Bring it on 2012.  I'm ready.


The Idaho Beauty said...

I am glad you have made peace with your difficult year. What a great attitude for your leap into the new year! You won't be going it alone for sure - your blogger friends will be right with you, cheering you on and giving support when needed.

Life is all about building on our experiences whether we like it or not. May 2012 treat you kindly and allow you make good on the lessons of 2011.

Sheila in Idaho


Hope your 2012 is a happier one in every sense it can be ... and hope your dreams all work out for you x

~Babs said...

I just love the way you've expressed these feelings Cathie.

Bring It On!

Katie said...

Happy New Year. Best wishes to you in 2010! :-)

Katiejane said...

Whatever the new year has in store for you, I wish you well. I hope you don't have to go it alone. It's possible, but hard work.

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