Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gothic Valentines....

 Have been hiding out in the studio the last few days painting and heat distressing textiles.  I painted up a bunch of tyvek in various color combinations - reds, blues, purples, greens - and just had a great time digging through my piles of organzas, lames, silks and chiffons - layering, melting and beading the results.

I'm using the red and black samples  for  art squares and embellishments for a new line of
gothic nook covers and gothic ipad covers I've been working on.  Originally started as more of a Valentine's Day theme, they took on a dark side and the gothic covers were born.  I LOVE THEM.


 I came across some really cool red and black hand dyed batiks and thought they would be perfect for these covers.   

I never get tired of this color combination - it's so graphic and bold.
Gothic tattoo art, gothic clothes, gothic artchitecture, etc.  have always caught my eye.
I guess I just have a dark side. 
I think I will embrace that for a while.

You can check out my new gothic kindle covers and gothic nook covers at

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