Friday, March 30, 2012

My List is Getting Smaller...

This month - I've crossed two MAJOR things off my list - I saw Elton John, and graduated from Harley Davidson's Rider's Edge Program.


I've been in love with Elton John since I was a little girl.   Our seats - only about five rows back - were situate where I could see the keys of his piano go down as he played, and see the emotion in his face as he sang.  He treated the audience to over 30 songs from his vast repertoire - ending the concert with a heartfelt and emotional version of "Your Song" - which, having heard that song as a young girl living in  Ohio - brought tears to my eyes.    It was a magical night.


Last week I spent a grueling and empowering three days learning to ride a motorcycle.
Three days of reading, studying, riding, falling (ouch!), getting up and falling again,
wanting to quit - but NOT, and going back for more - I did it.  I passed the written test, got my permit, attended the school, passed another written test, and most importantly passed the driving skills - Definitely taking me OUT of my comfort zone.  But I am proud to say - out of a class of 13 - I was the only female, intimidating at first, but later empowering.

I've been riding for 20+ years behind my husband - and loving every minute of it.  But now - on to my next adventure.  And while I have no intention of giving up my seat behind him, I am looking forward to occasionally going solo.

Not now Gizmo..
Maybe later.

Silly dog.


Anonymous said...

Oh good for you! You'll love that Sportster, very nimble all told.

As for Elton, have never seen him live, but anyone who has certainly raves about it and his generosity in how many pieces he performs. Tiny Dancer takes me back to a particular dorm room and boy...isn't music just wonderful that way?

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Well done Cathie - what an achievement!

Katiejane said...

You're funny, Cathie. Congrats on seeing Elton, whom I've always loved too, and a BIG congrats for learning to drive. I've been a happy passenger for the last 25 years and I have no intention of ever learning to drive one of these things. Other people on the road are idiots and I need the security of being surrounded by lots of metal when I drive. Enjoy! :)

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