Thursday, July 26, 2012

Watercolor workshop....

...went well last week. I learned a ton of stuff and am making progress on the initial stages of my lily painting.

 Any suggestions from my "painterly" pals would be appreciated (babs, kate, lynn, ophelia....) particularly with regard to detailing center of lily.

I already realize many mistakes I have made (such as not masking the center off), not leaving enough negative space, etc.  I think once I finish this - I will paint it again, and again (at least two more times) and show the progression.

Yes. Yes I shall do that.

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~Babs said...

Oooops,the only thing I can give you about watercolor is utter respect that you do it.
The few times I've tried and the one class I've had were lost on and by me.
You've already achieved waaay more with this work than I could have.Looking great to me,,,,carry on!

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