Saturday, December 1, 2012

I Wonder if Santa Had a Corgi.....

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Beautiful crisp, cool air, bright blue skies, and some very energized corgis running about.

Spending time enjoying holiday activities.  Saw Manheim Steamroller's Christmas concert last night with Blaise, went to see Twilight with Sabrina, the other day and have been crossing off my Christmas "to dos" one by one.  Making pretty good progress - but I need to take a break from Christmas shopping and crowds.

Be patient Gizmo.... we have ALL day.
I'm torn between spending my time indoors with  a hot pot of tea and my sewing machine, and then possibly a book I'm reading -   or outdoors with the  super-charged corgis nipping at my heels (they get a bit wild in cooler weather) as together, we take in  the sights and smells of the woods.

I think I'll divide my time equally this weekend between the two. YES, that is what I shall do.

Today - I will put away the lists, shun the crowds and retreat back into my hide away in the woods - where the reindeer and corgis run free and the squirrels play among the leaves. They have all fallen now - but the demise of the leaves brings a different kind of "life" to the forrest.

I thank my kind and gentle mother  for instilling in me such an appreciation for nature, and creatures, and stillness,  for they do bring me such joy.

Somehow - I think she knows that.

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