Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Artist Workshops - 2013

There are so many options this year for artistic/creative enrichment - and with all of my varied interests,  I had a hard time deciding which workshops and classes to choose.

Thus far, here are my selections for 2013:

 January 26 - Professional Art Quilter's Alliance (South) - Charting a Course to Your Soul - by artist, teacher, lecturer, Lesley Riley.

Life is a constant search for answers, for an understanding of life's secrets and wonders. Occassionally you can catch a fleeting glimpse of a universal truth, in an artfully crafted phrase, an image that draws you or a work of art that touches your soul.  What if you could plot a course that guided you to discover (or re-discover) your own unique path to life's magic and wonder?  This is a class for artists, writers or anyone - both beginners and experienced - who enjoy self-discovery and making meaning. 

(This is a full day workshop given by PAQA South but is open to ALL artists.  If you are local and may be interested in attending, click HERE for more information as I do believe there are a few seats left.)

June 22, Charleston, South Carolina - Alabama Chanin - One Day Workshop
    I have long been enamored by Chanin's textiles, style and (*) philosophy of stitch so I jumped at the chance to partake in an entire day of absorption  into the mystical world of Alabama Chanin.    It doesn't hurt that the workshop is in beautiful South Carolina and I will somehow wrangle this into a 3 or 4 day excursion.

(*)You know how we at Alabama Chanin feel about open sourcing. We offer our techniques and the information necessary to recreate our products, should you decide that you want to do-it-yourself. After three books, countless DIY Kits, and an amazing array of workshops, we have learned some important things: people will take your ideas and run with them; what you put into the world will come back to you in ways that you never imagined; the world is a creative place; and you never know what people are capable of until you give them the tools and the opportunity to create.  

I so love and appreciate her philosophy of art and process.  At a time when so many artists I know are deeply concerned with copywriter infringement, idea sharing (stealing) and non-permissioned springboard inspiration, it is refreshing to see such a gracious and successful artist not only so willing to share her ideas and concepts, but encouraging other artists to take it in and make it there own - acknowledging that as an extension of her own artistic expression.  Beautiful.

I am researching a few more out of town workshops and plan on making some final decisions in the next month or so.  There is a wonderful folk art school in the smokey mountains (Arrowmont) that has some really great extensive workshops ranging from a few days to a few weeks - and I am looking into those.  As well as one or two in Ohio at the Diary Barn. My top priority at this point is to secure a spot in an extensive eco (plant based) dyeing workshop.  There are a few announced but nothing that's a perfect fit.  I'll keep searching.



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