Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Slow Cloth....

......of personal symbols is what I have been working on in Jude Hill's Whispering White workshop.
A discussion has been ongoing about the character and meaning of white and how personal that can be. As a girl growing up in Ohio with parents of a country upbringing and European roots, white cloth had significant meaning and place in my family - and really, still does.

I have quite a collection of natural bleached and bleached cloth -  from which I tore up some strips and created a woven base.  I have decided for my first cloth, I would explore the use of personal symbols.  Something I've been thinking about lately,  

So for now, I will play with this idea of personal symbols, sketching some things out, maybe cutting out some shapes, stitching them out, and then making the decision as to whether I will keep this woven base as one unit - or, in the alternative, cutting it up into six or nine pieces, and layering the individual sections on to frayed pieces of light linen or lawn cloth and work on them as individual units.  

Something to consider.

Enough about white.

Let's go get dirty!


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Dogs...they always help you keep priorities straight!

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